Before and After

 Instead of getting ready to head on down to the dentist now,  I am home, root canal completed!  As I was out taking photos yesterday,  the office called and asked if I might be able to make a 9:00 am appointment this morning. (instead of noon)  I was ecstatic, as  I HATE appointments that are late in the day….too much time for me to get nervous!

I got there late,  as I found it difficult finding a parking spot.  The dentst assured me, after I told him my problem,  that all those signs that say only “1 hour parking”  are not enforced at all.  Ah well! 

Oh,  I have a tendency to be a (somewhat) compliant type….trying to make folks happy; I am a middle child after all!  So, as I was driving down to the dentist’s office,  I decided to take a picture of the broken tooth to satisfy Chris’s request.  I must preface this by saying that I  am absolutely appalled by teeth and mouth photos….BLECH!  The hygienist assured me my gums look very healthy, so I decided that even if my teeth (which have been seen by dentists all my life!) are ugly, I do my best with dental hygiene.

And yes, I did take this photo in the car. 

The dentist worked diligently for over an hour and a half.  After he finished, his assistant told me that I might have some pain….use a saltwater rinse and take Advil. 

This is the temporary tooth in place for the next month.  The replacement was far too “white” , so this wonderful dentist used his artistic side to darken it some.  He apologized that it isn’t perfect, but WOW!

The Novacaine is totally worn off now and even the site where the shot was administered has very little pain at all.  Net result: TOTAL success!!! I think I am REALLY liking my new and VERY close dentist!!!