Another Canandaigua Day

Today was an interesting day.  Mark was supposed to have therapy, but the last time he was there, he somehow injured his leg and it was driving him crazy today.  He thought perhaps he had been too aggressive with some exercises and hurt it.  He decided to not go to his appointment and called to cancel any other appointments, as he feels he needs to continue exercising, but not with too much weight.

So, we had a few items on the agenda.  The first thing we needed to do was pick up the truck which has been at the dealership.  I went in and signed paperwork and got the keys,  but we had to go to the mall, so we left the truck parked at the dealership.

Mark and the kids had a few things to do in Canandaigua, so Mark dropped me off at the city pier and left.  I had never spent so much time there and it was fun.  I took a lot of photos of Coots and Mallards and Gulls. As I was snapping away, a woman came near with a nice Canon camera….she was also shooting photos!

We both had spotted some black and white ducks and her husband told us they were Buffleheads.  They are pretty small and are diving ducks.  We were both having a bit of trouble trying to hone in on the ducks as they were pretty distant.  The woman’s husband came over and told her he got permission to go out on the boat docks to get closer.  He nodded to me to follow along!

The woman told me her name is Tonya and she lives in the next town to our north.  We talked a bit and then slowly and cautiously, so as not to startle the ducks,  made  our way out to get closer.  Each time the ducks went down underwater, we scrambled out further onto the docks.  We spent several minutes out there and it was fun spending those few minutes in the company of one who also enjoys shooting photos!

So, here is my  offering for the day…..(if you hover over the photos, my descriptions will advise what you are seeing)   Also, I was sorry I didn’t get better photos of the Buffleheads, but considering there was a brisk wind, causing the dock to move and the ducks were bobbing up and down on the waves, I am happy for the (humble) photos I did capture. (to say nothing about every time I positioned my camera, the little buggers would dive!)

Today was an awesome day with temperatures so warm, they were a treat.  We have been having one good day of weather, then a miserable day lately.  It hasn’t stopped me from taking photos, though!!!