Reduced to Rubbish?

Are you curious about the outcome of my SD card, eaten by the evil Dell laptop? 

Well, I am using the laptop, so that would be self-explanatory! 

Mark’s father told me, years ago, that when Mark was a youngster, he was always taking things apart, then putting them back together again!  By the time he was in his mid-teens,  Mark had put together a hovercraft and worked on a motorycle.  He bought his first car at the ripe age of fifteen….a year before he could legally drive!

In more recent years,  I will never forget when I witnessed our first laptop….a Sony Vaio,  strewn in what looked like endless pieces,  on Mark’s workbench in the garage.  I was sure the Vaio had met with an untimely death.  Michelle was about 10 years old, and had been working on the laptop on our bed. (the top of the bed is about 32 inches from the floor)  She accidentally dropped the laptop onto the floor, putting a crack in the housing.  The laptop worked, but it wasn’t “bound together” any more.  If I recall properly, the keyboard no longer was flat, but kind of skewed.

Never to fear….Mark was near!  He took the broken laptop to his surgery in the garage and disassembled the thing into several small pieces.  He took a piece of thin metal and surgically bound the housing back together.  The laptop was put back together and I was in total awe when he turned it on and everything was as it had been before!  As an aside, that laptop was bought in 2001 and Michelle is currently using it for her schoolwork. 

Here is a photo of the DVD/CD player removed from the laptop and disassembled.  The  black SD card was actually captivated under that little metal part of the player!  Mark thought nothing of taking apart the laptop OR the player! Oh, and see those teeny little silver pieces to the left?  Those are SCREWS! Yeah, nearly impossible to handle! The yellow and silver implement in the photo is a magnetized screwdriver that Mark needed to use to remove those teeny screws! 

I immediatley popped the SD card into the Nikon.  Bingo! It still contained all of my photos I had left on it. And, it works perfectly!  Amazing!  Mark also tried out the DVD/CD unit on the laptop after putting everything together.  It also works fine.

I am so relieved!  I could have had a Dell service repairman come to the house to do this work, but Mark had gotten turned off when he saw a part replaced by a repairman.  He did a couple of little things that made Mark think he was a bit careless.

Now, all I need to do is wait for Friday and the root canal.  I don’t look forward to it, but I cannot tolerate having a big gaping hole in my teeth! (pumpkin head!)  For the record, even though the tooth was broken nearly clean to the gumline,  there is no pain, whatsoever.  Hot, cold, nothing bothers it.  I just look ridiculous!!!!

Salad Run to Honeoye

 It seems our family has a ravenously nearly impossible-to-keep-up-with appetite for salads and salad components!  I spend more time in the produce aisles of the grocery store than anywhere else! Not complaining, mind you!

So, this afternoon, I found myself in need of taking another run to the store.  Instead of going to Canandaigua,  I decided to take a trip to the west, over to Honeoye.   You, dear reader,  just knew I would go on the back roads there,  didn’t you?

Honeoye is  situated in the valley between the hill I am traveling and the one off in the distance. The lake is also located there.

I pulled into a small park on the lake.  Outside of the lake access part of the park are baseball fields, a skateboard park,  and a basketball court.  There were several teen boys playing basketball when I arrived,  and although they were making a good deal of noise, I heard a really loud noise toward the lake.

The wind was sweeping down the lake and creating some impressive waves!

If you enlarge the picture below, and squint really hard, you can see (barely) little white “streaks” (to the right of the hill’s end on the left side of the photo) which are actually ski runs at a private ski club.

The waves were really splashing all over and I had to be mindful of the water hitting my camera. (or NOT!)

Even though there was no interesting waterfowl nearby,  there were some seagulls squawking and making lots of noise over the waves!

I walked around the little park, which is actually a point of land that juts out into the lake.  I smiled at the sign…..

The water from the lake was racing at the point of land, sweeping around into what I guess might be called an outlet?  There, the water seemed to calm down a bit.   I liked the way the tree below leans out over the water.

Although Honeoye Lake isn’t technically a “Finger Lake”,  it sure is pretty.  It is long and narrow, just like the Finger Lakes, but much smaller.  The hills surrounding the lake (as well as the Finger Lakes) just add to the beauty of the area.

This is a shot of the park with the lake on the right side and the inlet/outlet on the left.  The road may look as though it continue on to the houses and cottages straight ahead, but it ends, as does the land,  just past the picnic pavillion on the right side.

As I was leaving the lake,  a couple of Canada Geese flew overhead, in the bright blue skies!

Having a camera in my hand doesn’t detain me at all….it just causes me to be a tad more curious! Thus, I  pulled into a parking lot in the small town to see the pretty little park there. I had never noticed the monument there, but traveling through this small town never warrants a good look from the road, as there is always traffic!

The monument pays tribute to soldiers who served our country, from the Honeoye area.

I really like the bronze busts of the various soldiers.  One is a depiction of a Civil War soldier…..

A World War soldier…….(perhaps both I and II?)

And a modern soldier……

The monument has names listed from wars beginning with the War of 1812!  It designates who served, who was killed in the war, and who was a prisoner of war.  This type of monument is always very sobering to me.

There were also the prettiest yellow crocuses to greet onlookers…..

And a delightful gazebo!

As you can see, there is a lot of pride in this little area.  The gazebo sports a plaque explaining that its predecessor was destroyed by an arson fire in 1999.  It tells how community members pulled together supplying time and money to build this lovely replacement!

So, there you have a mini-trip to Honeoye.

I went to the grocery store and bought my salad supplies, along with a few other items.  I was torn between not wanting to leave the outdoors and going home…..when I left home, my laptop was reduced to several pieces with what seemed like a hundred teeny-tiny screws lying on Mark’s desk.  But that, my friend, is another post!