Stepping Out this Evening

The kids were looking forward to their Bible study this evening…instead of meeting at the church, as usual, they were going to meet at restaurants.  The girls met at Panara Bread, while the boys went to Pizza Hut.  More on this just a bit later….

This morning, I was able to convince a little Chickadee to hold still for me while I snapped a photo as it sat at the window feeder.

We spent a good part of the day with Mark talking on the phone.  We had an order to place and Mark needed to get some resolution regarding his wheelchair.  Seems there has been a lot of stalling going on!  After what seemed an eternity on the phone, things began to fall into place and we could move on to other items needing some attention.

The day seemed to whizz by rapidly and we needed to get the kids delivered to the restaurants.  But, since Mark is never one to waste a trip to Canandaigua, he called the Chevy garage to see if the truck was done.  It needed a bit of warranty work as the warranty is about to run out quickly.  Fortunately, the truck was ready, so we left a little earlier than necessary for the kids.

We picked up the truck and took the kids to their respective restaurants.  Mark had printed out a coupon for Arby’s….buy a drink and get a new sandwich free. Well, Mark said the sandwich is basically an Arby’s Roast Beef, but with a fancy bun and veggies added.  As we waited at the drive-thru,  I caught some geese flying towards the setting sun….

Once again, the Canandaigua sunset was so beautiful!

It seems like we had little time to spend doing anything other than running around! Mark spotted a couple of Robins not too far from the truck.

None too exciting photos today, but I was happy to have any at all! It seemed like the day was going to pass me by, after all!

Diversions and Ducks

Yesterday, the kids met with some friends down in Naples.  They haven’t done that in quite some time, but the day was so warm and beautiful, they all decided to take advantage of it. 

 After dropping them off, Mark and I went to just relax and make a few phone calls that needed to be done.  As I looked up in the sky, I saw the sun playing peek-a-boo behind a cloud, causing the cloud to appear to have rays shooting out around it.

The kids only spent a couple hours with their friends, so the time passed quickly.  We had offered to drop one of the kids off at his house afterward, so after doing so,  we headed towards Canandaigua on the other side of the lake.  The difference between the two sides is striking. While the western side is more wooded, the eastern side has much rolling farmland.

We went to Lowe’s and shopped for awhile and then hopped on over to Wal Mart.  I told Mark I really wanted to go to the pier to see if I could spot the Redhead Duck I had seen there the other day.  While I walked about, looking for my duck, the kids got out and walked around, too.

I did indeed spot the duck!

Isn’t he pretty? And he has a mate, too!

I kind of liked this photo, so I thought I would include it, too.

I told Mark I was going to walk to the end of the pier, so he could pick me up there.  As I walked along, I found that there were two pairs of the Redhead Ducks hanging out.  I also saw a black and white duck that totally defied identification.  Since it was swimming with a Mallard drake, I could only imagine it was some type of hybrid of a Mallard.  There were also just a few Coots hanging out as well.

We went home and watched a Sabres game.  It was totally pathetic.  It was obvious that the outcome had been predetermined by the referees, as the Sabres received nine penalties, compared to the Ottawa Senators’ two.  In reading the fans’ messages after the game, everyone felt the same anger….

We are supposed to enjoy one more day of springtime warmth before rain enters the scene tonight with temperatures falling.  Perhaps I should knit little jackets to keep my tulips and daffodils warm?

I Really Need Some More Subjects!

Believe it or not, we are enjoying quite *warm* weather here.  Considering the fact this is only March, the temperatures seem almost “balmy”!  To be  comfortable wearing a sweater over a blouse or shirt is unusual this time of the year.

Keeping the beautiful weather in mind, I thought perhaps today I might look about the waterways nearby and see some migrating birds.  After all, the birds cannot all be “home” yet, can they?

I told the family I was going to be out for a couple of hours and left with camera in hand. 

I stopped by Woodville.  Nothing.  Nothing at all.  I decided to check out streams and such in the area.  What did I see?

Canada Geese.

And more Canada Geese.

I went back to Woodville and spent considerable time there.  Waiting.  And waiting. And waiting some more.  This is getting a bit discouraging!

I guess King Solomon was correct……there is nothing new under the sun!

Hey, We’re Back!

Oops, I forgot to tell you we left!

Friday evening, we left with kids and Scotties for the  famous “Almost All-Nighter” at Splash Lagoon in Erie, Pennsylvania. The kids used to love going to these events, but missed a couple last year. 

We headed west into the sunset…

Which grew even more intense…

We met my parents and brother, Randy, at a McDonald’s restaurant near their house.  We sat and talked for a long time, enjoying a snack and the company.   We left after 9,  telling my parents we would try to stop by their house Saturday afternoon.

We arrived in Erie…

The kids were all ready to enter as soon as the doors opened at 10:30.  They got wristbands and the action began at 11:00 PM.  I went inside for a while to take some photos. The last time I tried, I was using my old Olympus camera….its optics were good, but the glass was just too small to capture inside very well.

The kids romp around on waterslides and all sorts of aquatic entertainment!  They also are given tokens to play games in a game room and are served pizza and a soda before all the fun ends at 3:00AM.  I couldn’t believe how toasty it was inside while I was there. The humidity was extreme!  Since the temperature outside was hovering right at about freezing,  the warmth was greatly appreciated!

I liked this little work of art located right outside the front doors.

Mark, the Scotties, and I were kept well entertained outside in the parking lot. We left only for a few minutes. I finally got to watch a Sabres game Mark had recorded Thursday night…..

And we snacked on chicken wings from Quaker Steak and Lube.

When the kids came out shortly after 3,  we pulled into a parking lot and “camped out” for a few hours right near a truck camper.  Mark and I woke up at 7, and we kept with tradition, going to Sam’s Club to shop for about an hour, giving the kids a chance to get a little more sleep.

We drove to my parents’ house, arriving around noon.  Because Mark lost the ability to move around as freely as before after being off his feet for nearly three months, he decided to stay in the truck while the kids and I visited with my parents and Randy. 

When we arrived at the house, my dad told Mark he felt terrible when I told him Mark would wait in the truck outside.  My dad went to work fashioning two small ramps to help Mark get up the front steps of their house.  The ramps worked great and Mark was so grateful to be able to come in the house and visit!

Of course, little Fritz has grown up into a beautiful Dachshund! Michelle just loves him…he is so affectionate!

We visited much longer than we had planned, leaving after 4 PM.  Angus was anxious to get a move on….

We got home around 7, and ah, the bed is looking so very comfortable right now! The house was pretty cold when we stepped inside, but the stove has taken the chill off and now we are cozy and comfortable.

In looking back, it certainly seems like we covered a great deal of territory within a period of about twenty-six hours!

Canandaigua Collection on a March Day

Late this afternoon, after Mark’s physical therapy session,  we had a few hours to  while away until the kids went to their Bible study. One of the grandest ways to spend time I could imagine was to visit the lakefront. Even though I have taken many, many photos of this area, each one is unique and individually a treasure to me.  So, without further ado, I submit today’s photos.

I hope you enjoyed this set….as I look at the photos, so many words tumble about in my mind.  This set seems to make me want to take up pen in hand and compose some poetry!

Winter Wonderland Remix!

Life has been so boring lately! Looking out at the matted grass on the lawn was somewhat depressing, as it would be futile to rake it out….we surely will be seeing more winter weather.  After all, Spring arrives *here*…ummm….I would say perhaps mid-May!  No kidding! ( Many Mother’s Days are spent bundled in winter apparel!)  Oh, I am not complaining….just the facts.

We have been enjoying a winter break in the weather with warmer temperatures and no snow.


this morning!

I was awakened at about 5 am when I heard the front door close.  I was too tired to get up, but too curious to remain in bed.  I walked downstairs and looked out on the porch.  Mark was holding Angus’s leash while Angus sniffed and romped in the front yard.  This was a most unusual situation, as Mark never gets up this early!

I went to go back to sleep, knowing it would never happen.  Once I am up, I am up for the duration, after all! As I was lying on the bed, I did hear the distinct “twit” of a Cardinal.  Sure enough, one was perched in the tree.  Then, I watched as it flitted and another joined it.  I think the birds are courting one another!  There was no way I could have captured the pair, as it would take majorly large glass to capture anything in the pre-dawn darkness.

Later, the birds were chattering up a storm.  As I looked, there were finches and woodpeckers and nucthatches and chickadees! What a delightful sound, in spite of the fact that the snow was falling like crazy!

As soon as snow is no longer a threat,  we will head out to the woods and begin our firewood gathering.  I was so aggrevated by damp wood this year.  We took it in much too late, and boy, what a mess! In a way, I dread the longer days as it means more work!  So for now, I am happy to see the white mantle covering the matted brown grass….and all the leaves all over the yard that blew in from the woods…..and so on!!!!

A Sleepy Dog Day!

Mark has changed his therapy from three to two times a week now.  His appointment this afternoon was later than usual, so we had extra time to finish up work today.  Mark pulled into the parking lot and the weather was so rainy and wet and *chilly*!

Michelle and I stayed in the truck with the Scotties while Mark went in to therapy.  Ben went with him, as he has been helping lately.  It didn’t seem too bad when we first sat waiting, but after a while, it began to feel downright cold!  Of course, Angus, who usually sits in the front seat, headed to the back with Michelle. AND, the warm and cozy blanket!

Murphy, on the other hand, doesn’t care to be covered up.  He tends to get too warm, so he always sleeps without a blanket or where it might get uncomfortable for him.

Eventually, I did have to start the engine and crank the heat up for a couple of minutes.  Michelle and I felt like we were freezing!

I went grocery shopping afterward and finally picked up more than a couple of days worth of groceries.  It was so nice to arrive back home to the toasty warm woodstove….and to the dry house!

The winds are howling like crazy, and we are told we will be returning to a more wintry weather pattern tomorrow; that, after the Daffodils have come up to about 3 1/2 inches tall!