More Photos from the Pier

As I was digging about in the chest freezer in the basement a couple of days ago,  I came across three turkey breasts we had bought right after Christmas when they were being clearanced.  They were such a good value and the family loves a good turkey dinner anytime….not just Thanksgiving!

I placed a turkey breast in the oven this afternoon and then left for Canandaigua to pick up some things I would need to make a good meal.  The turkey only needed to be in the oven for a couple of hours, so I figured it would work out well for me, leaving the house at about 1 pm.

Before doing my grocery shopping, I immediately went to the city pier to see what might be begging for a photo.  I certainly was not disappointed!

Not too sure what these ducks are, other than a Mallard hybrid! They had the bright green heads, just like Mallard drakes.

I caught another “odd duck” sleeping on a dock….it looked so sweet!

In years past, the Canandaigua Lady spent the winter months docked down in Woodville.  The property where she docked was sold not too long ago and this winter she was moored parallel to the city pier.  Here is a rare-to-me shot of the backside paddlewheels.

I went back over to the other side of the pier and was pleasantly surprised to see several Coots swimming about in the waves! I had seen many, many of them along the lake as I drove the lake road to Canandaigua today.  Instead of being all “clumped” together as they were previously, they were spread out sporadically for about a mile. 

I did catch one of the little Coots coming in for a landing on the water.

For those who are unfamiliar with Coots, (as I was before about a month or two ago!) they have “scalloped toes as opposed to webbed feet”,  as per Wikipedia.   In the photo below, you can see they have relatively long little legs!

I had never heard them vocalize until this afternoon.  They have a very unique little “squawk” that is as distinct sounding as they are to see!

As I walked along the pier, there really wasn’t an abundance of waterfowl present.  It was a beautiful day and there were a lot of cars parked and people walking about on the pier.

I came upon a Mallard female who was working quite intensely on her hygiene.  I don’t think she even knew I was there with my camera! She bobbed about, dipping her body into the water, coming up, and shaking off.  I happened to catch her scratching her face with her foot….

I am not thrilled nor especially fond of (noisy, noisy, NOISY) Seagulls, but they did look kind of cute standing in a row on the rocks along the pier….

And, I did catch a Mallard coming in for a landing.  I keep practicing these shots….I really want to get them right!

That was enough time at the pier, as I needed to go to a couple of stores.  I rushed about, picking up the things I needed.  Just as I finished up, the skies opened and rain came down in great waves!  I pulled over and just sat for a bit…it was raining that hard!

Once the rain began to slow down,  I headed towards home.  I generally opt for a couple of different routes, but today, I decided to go another way.  I wanted to go past the ski mountain to see if they were still open.

The road where the skiing is located is a state road….two lanes, but with a 55 mile per hour speed limit in most areas.  I was moving right along, thinking about the dishes I was going to make and trying to prioritize what to do in what order.  It was as I was thinking about the meal that I came across the most unusual couple walking alongside the highway!

Yes, there are ponds and even a creek running along this road, but this dear little couple needs to watch out!I did have to smile that the little buggers were walking far to the side of the road!  When I saw them, I pulled off the road to take a photo and one of them opened its wings and began flapping to warn me to stay away. Good grief!

I was on my way once again. Sure enough, there were diehard skiers out there on the slopes in the rain!

As soon as I entered the house, I went into gear to make dinner.  I made mashed red potatoes, stuffing, and green beans with butter and garlic.  I had gotten home at 3:30 and we sat down to eat at 4:45.  I was feeling rather smug as everyone made comments on how good everything tasted!

What a productive day!

Another Night Out

I have discovered that having two teens in the house makes for much busyness!  Seems like the kids have something up their sleeves much of the time.  So, last night’s agenda was to attend the Teen Skate once again.  The skate would have typically been scheduled for next Saturday night,  but because the Christian radio station (which is housed in the same building) is having a big “Sharathon”,  (to raise money to continue broadcasting….this is done every year in April and November)  the date had to be moved ahead one week.

While the family slept yesterday morning, I decided to sneak on down to the lake to see if there was anything worthy of photographing.  The problem (smacking my head!) was, I would have been trying to shoot directly into the bright eastern sun.  Instead of taking photos, I just watched people launching their fishing boats and the ducks swimming in the water.  The ducks were out so far, I had no idea what type they were.  With the sun directly on them, they were just “dark”  colored.  I don’t think they were Mallards, though, as they kept diving underwater.

I came home and took the little Panasonic camera for a little walk around the house and yard.  I really liked this photo of the sky reflecting off the ugly grey pool cover, complete with leaves….

I guess I was feeling rather “artsy”, as I also got a photo of some dead grasses on the hill behind the garage.

I had wanted to leave the house early to go shopping in an area not too far from the center where the kids were going.  Unfortunately, not everyone in the family was quick to leave!  We left quite a bit later than anticipated. I still brought both cameras along, but as time passed and we had to stop for this and that, it was obvious I was defeated! No interesting photos!

We went to Pizza Hut and got a special which was a large stuffed-crust pizza and a family-sized serving of lasagne.  Mark got the pizza with half “veggie-lovers” for Michelle and me and half “meat lovers” for Ben and himself.  I ate some pizza and was instantly “stuffed” myself!  So, we placed the lasagne in the back of the truck for later. (Mark took one piece of the veggie pizza that was left and realized HE liked the veggie side better!)

We dropped the kids off for the skate, then hurried on down the road to our “designated” parking place. There was another Sabres game on and we were excited to see this one.  The Sabres have been doing rather poorly the past few games.  With Scott Gomez running our goalie, Ryan Miller, Ryan missed 13 games with a sprained ankle.  Even though we have fabulous backup goalies, the team missed Miller and we went into a slump.  Ryan returned to mind the net on Friday and we won! 

The playoffs are coming right up and we are trying to claw our way back into postition to play.  We really need to win the last few games of our regular season to even hope for a playoff position.  Miller’s presence in net was vital! The fact that we were playing in Montreal was against us. Our record was 9 losses in the last 9 games played there.

While Mark set up the computer, I did a little test. I photographed McDonald’s, first with the Panasonic…..

Then the Nikon.

The Nikon won.

I just have to comment that sitting in a parking lot watching the Sabres game with a Scottie on each of our laps, with the windows down in March was just so totally surreal!!!

Mark got everything set up and we watched the game. The Sabres came out blazing and scored. They scored again!  A little later, Montreal scored.  And again. And again.

During the periods, there was an interview with Tim Connolly….

Tim is a fantastic played who has had so many injuries and physical problems! Last year, he missed out much of the year because of a concussion.  This year, we lost him to a broken rib that needed time to heal.  Now he is back and he is a force to be reckoned with by other teams!  The Sabres signed him on again last month to a two year contract. 

Of course, while the interview was on, McDonald’s called out to Mark and he had to make a slight side trip!

Lousy photo…taken through the windshield while Mark was moving forward. I am surprised it even turned out at all! You can see the windshield wiper at the bottom of the photo!

Oh,  Mark got a hot fudge sundae.

Time passed so quickly.  The game ended in a 3:3 tie.  So, the game went into overtime.  We had to pack up and couldn’t watch because it was now  time to pick the kids up at the center!  We came right home and got into the house just before 11.  I trudged up the stairs shortly thereafter, totally tired out!

Of course, I just *had* to see the score of the game before dropping off to slumberland!  We won! No one scored in the overtime, so the game had to go to a shootout.  Bottom line, Ryan Miller made six saves and our Finnish-born  defenseman Tony Lydman got the puck past Montreal goal tender, Carey Price, ending the game Sabres:4, Montreal:3.

Goooooooooooo, Sabres!!!!!