Morning Fun With the Murphmeister

This morning, Murphy awakened wanting to play.  I left the house for a short time, and when I walked out the door, I thought he was going to call out to me to come back! When I arrived back home, I walked into the front door and he was lying at the top of the stairs, watching me. Michelle said he took that “perch” while I was gone, just patiently waiting.  He raced down the stairs and I told Michelle we had better have some “quality playtime”!

We rolled the ball down the porch, much like a bowling ball and Murphy would run as fast as his short legs would carry him!  He would then cut back and race back towards me….

The action shots are a bit messy because the lighting on the porch is hard to meter! The morning sun was bright behind me, but some of it was also coming through the front railing to my left.  I love this last photo, though, as you can see all of Murphy’s “furnishings” flagging out behind him like they are blowing in the wind! (and there was no wind!)

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  1. Murphy must be experiencing spring fever. Of course Jeff just told me he checked the weather and it is supposed to be 35 and snowing tomorrow! EWWW!

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