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Last night, after finding the box containing my camera,  I brought it inside and removed the camera and lens.  They had been wrapped in plastic and so I cut the plastic off and left the body and lens sitting on a table to warm up.

This morning, I reattached the strap to the camera, placed the UV filter on the lens, and replaced the battery and SD card.  It was a most awesome day, but I am ashamed to say I spent the vast majority of it inside the house doing odd jobs that called out for my attention.

I did, however, take a little stroll around the house with my dear friend hung around my neck. Here is what we captured….

Hmmm…..I went looking for the gorgeous purple Crocus I showed here on my blog a few days ago.  It has disappeared!  There was no sign of the beautiful deep purple flower…none at all!  There was, however, this one little plant.  It is white with the palest tiny little lavender-colored lines in the center of the white petals.

Funny….the yellow part of the flower (egads, I completely forgot all the names of the parts of a flower!) reminds me of the ruffled edges of Daffodils! And, speaking of Daffodils…

The Lilac bush is swollen on the ends, the buds appearing to increase in size with each passing day.

Yup.  It really does look like Spring is coming right along.  Now, to us Northeastern Americans, we just cannot believe that this is really happening.  It does seem like the warm air that is blessing us is a bit premature…..

Ah wel!

I wanted to mention another little ditty!  I have a Google homepage where I can look at news, weather, Sabres news, and whatever (I even see a new Bible verse daily!) as soon as I click on the internet.  It is set up much like a little newspaper, but is totally customisable.

Well, I discovered (via Mark) that artwork on the Google homepage is also cutomisable!  Oh, isn;t THIS fun!!! So, as I looked through the zillions of themes available,  I found Dale Chihuly glasswork!

How cool is that?  So there you have it.  A few photos,  a bit of  (probably disposable) information, and I actually posted two days in a row!!!

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  1. I’m dying to get out and take some pictures. My snowdrops have been out for over a week now and I haven’t had a chance or the energy to get back there and snap a picture of them. The weather is suppose to wonderful here tomorrow and I know exactly where I want to drive to take a few pictures. There’s an old farm house that I would sooo love to own and live in, but it sits empty and is just calling for it’s picture to be taken. It may be the only way the house could ever be mine.

  2. That is very cool – I’m a big fan of Chihuly too, saw his stuff all over Kew Gardens before I left London to come to Scotland and it was wonderful.

  3. I have that google page also….now I am off to find the Chihuly stuff!!! VERY cool! And I love looking at spring in my hometown from here…ha!

  4. Funny, while at BJ’s the other night, Jeff wanted to look at the DVDs. When we wandered over, a DVD about Chihuly caught my attention. As I picked it up and began looking at it, Jeff asked, “who?”

    I’m glad you got your camera back and running again!

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