“Dog Tired”, Nikon Camera, and Lake Views

So, you might wonder….where was Katya yesterday?  Has she begun a new pattern of posting to her blog every other day?  Well, no, not really!

Tuesday night, I was nearly sound asleep. It was shortly before midnight and I was so enjoying the warm and snug feeling of digging into the sheets and closing my eyes.  Mark typically stays up much later than I and just as I was about to drift off to sleep, he yelled,  “Katya! Quick!”

I rushed down the stairs and there arose a rather noxious odor from the office.  It seems Angus had a case of “green apple trots”…Michelle had raced downstairs right behind me, and as she cleaned the mess, I took the wee laddie outside in case he had more problems. 

We crated the fellow, and after all the excitement, I was unable to sleep.  So, I began reading a book in a series of books about the Amish.  I read until 1:30 am and thought that perhaps Angus was now feeling better.  I went to look at him and he hung his noble little head, letting me know how he felt about being caged like a common cur!

I began to sink into sleep once again, when I suddenly heard a most “explosive” noise.  And, I knew exactly what had happened.  Feeling quite sorry for the lad, I promptly left the comfort of bed and cleaned up the mess. It was then that I realized it had been a mistake to put a blanket in his crate. Ewwww!  I remembered some medicine for such incidences, and gave him half a tablet.  I then gave him a little bath.

Long story, short…I was up at 3:00 am and then up for good at 6:00 am. It was at 6 that I discovered the medicine lying in the cage under where he was sleeping. A lot of good that did!  Although I didn’t get much sleep, I did read the book! Finished it before noon, matter of fact! 

It was only with the light of day that I realized on Tuesday morning I had found a wrapper on the floor for the corned beef I had prepared the day before . It had been cleaned out quite thoroughly, and I had thought that was strange.  I think the spices might have been a bit rich for a terrier’s digestive tract!

All day yesterday, I would lie down to rest but was just unable to settle down and sleep! I was feeling so stressed and miserable, but just too wound up!  So, there was NO way I could even blog! I was in bed shortly after 9:00 and believe me, I slept like a LOG!

We worked this morning and until shortly after noon.  Mark had a physical therapy appointment and we all went along.  Right after the appointment, we had a couple of errands to run in Canandaigua. Then we were off to drop the kids off at the mall.  While they shopped, Mark and I ran even some more errands.  We picked the kids up, then raced towards Canandaigua once again to drop them off at their Bible study.

Today was a dreary, dismal, wet, coolish day. (In Scotland, that would be the equal to a “dreich” day!)  Even so,  Mark took me over to the lake to see if I might be able to capture a photo or two….

Hanging off the mailbox in front of this building is a bird feeder, filled with cracked corn.  This “couple” is totally enjoying it!

This is a view of the north end of the lake, looking towards Kershaw Park.

On the west side if the lake, there are many boat slips.  The building behind (with the lights on it) is the Inn on the Lake .

Docked very nearby is the Canandaigua Lady, which I have featured several times on my blog.

I thought I would try to capture some of the ducks on the lake, but it was getting dark rapidly.  I was somewhat surprised I was able to get this single Coot just floating about, looking nearly as curious about me as I was about him!

I also was rather pleased to capture a good “slice” of the boathouses.

By the time I was back in the truck, it really was getting quite dark….

I did a little grocery shopping, then we picked the kids up from Bible study.

Upon arriving home, I was thrilled to find a box on the front porch!  Inside was my Nikon camera!

About three weeks ago,  I was going to use my camera when I saw that some pieces of the lens had broken and had perhaps buggered up my camera.  I felt totally sick and wondered how to even tell Mark.  I tearfully told him my camera was broken!  He wasn’t as heartbroken as I….

He headed to the Nikon (FABULOUS) website and began filling out a service order!  I packed the camera body in a box it had originally come in, along with the lens. I placed copies of my receipts and warranties in the box as well.  The next day, we sent it out via UPS.  It arrived at Nikon two days later and within three days, I received an email with a service order, stating all repairs were going to be done under warranty!

That was the last I heard from  Nikon, but received copies of the paperwork in the mail yesterday.  I mentioned to Mark yesterday that I was wondering how much longer it would be before I saw my camera again. 

Nikon paid the expense of sending the camera and lens back to me.  I cannot tell you how happy and pleased I am with Nikon!  Great kudos to the company!  I love good companies that stand behind their products!!!

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  1. Poor little Angus!!! What type of medicine did you give him? I didn’t know that there was anything we could give them for that problem….What a terrific array of pictures! Love the boathouses….but then again, I love all your pics! Glad to hear you got your Nikon fixed and it was covered under the warranty…always a plus!! A company with great SERVICE is a great company to deal with!! So many companies today are just not providing service at all anymore!

  2. Great news about your camera, Katya – I’ve heard lots of good things about Nikon.

    Sorry to hear about Angus, hope he’s released from his confinement soon!

  3. The good news is that Angus was just fine yesterday….his “affliction” lasted only long enough to make him (and ME!) miss a night of sleep!!!

    Jeanne, the medicine is called Metronidazole and it is a prescription. One of the DR’s at Mendon Village Animal Hospital wrote it after both Scotties suffered for a few days with the “runs” last summer. (This is also used for humans, and I had the script filled at WalMart! )

    I am somewhat anxious to get the Nikon out today to see how it is working! When I looked at the warranty card, it said no warranty work done for things like misuse, neglect, or abuse. I was so downhearted, thinking they might think I had done something horrible to the camera. That is why I was so happy! But, in looking at the camera, it is obvious I have done nothing “rough” with it….

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