Canandaigua Lake…

Sorry to have been missing in action here, but things have been busy on and off.  Also, it seems like the changing of the clocks has really thrown me off!  Although it is nice that it is staying light out later, it is kind of hard getting up and going in the morning, for some reason!

I took this photo of the lake from the overlook on Sunday afternoon.

It was a beautiful bright and sunny day, but cold.  Yesterday was also chilly, but the temperatures are supposed to begin an upward progression, beginning today.  Last night I took the kids to their youth group and decided to just sit and wait in the Explorer.  Good grief! By the time they came back out, it was so cold, my back had gotten stiff from sitting!

Life has been rather humdrum of late…not much happening. I did cut up a tree at my mother-in-law’s house last Friday, and we brought the wood home.  There was nearly half a face cord of firewood and it was a nice big Ash tree.  It had broken in a windstorm and there is still about eight or ten feet of it standing.  I will cut that down when the ground dries out a bit.  My mother-in-law also has so much wood from a huge cherry tree she had taken down professionally last fall.  We will be cutting that up and bringing it home as well.  I just cannot see letting good wood sit on the ground and rotting. Not when it can heat the entire house! Also, tis a good start to the firewood cutting!