I Needed a Smile About Now!

As I was busy working about, I heard the distinct strains of a funny English accent….this, of course, called for further examination.  As I grew closer, I heard (in a not-so-English accent) “Ophelia! Sit still”!

Yes, a certain young lady is reading Shakespeare’s Hamlet, and she needed to get “in the mood”.

That is poor little innocent Murphy wearing a silly bonnet!  Well, the bonnet isn’t silly, but Murphy certainly looks silly!

My mom made that bonnet for a Madame Alexander doll she bought Michelle for her first birthday.  The bonnet is amazing, and although I have sewn all manner of rather difficult garments, this little bonnet always fascinated me because it took a great deal of effort and patience to make the gathers in the back!

So, Mom, if you ever run out of things to do, I am sure little Fritz would *love* a bonnet just like Murphy’s. NOT!