Stepping Out this Evening

The kids were looking forward to their Bible study this evening…instead of meeting at the church, as usual, they were going to meet at restaurants.  The girls met at Panara Bread, while the boys went to Pizza Hut.  More on this just a bit later….

This morning, I was able to convince a little Chickadee to hold still for me while I snapped a photo as it sat at the window feeder.

We spent a good part of the day with Mark talking on the phone.  We had an order to place and Mark needed to get some resolution regarding his wheelchair.  Seems there has been a lot of stalling going on!  After what seemed an eternity on the phone, things began to fall into place and we could move on to other items needing some attention.

The day seemed to whizz by rapidly and we needed to get the kids delivered to the restaurants.  But, since Mark is never one to waste a trip to Canandaigua, he called the Chevy garage to see if the truck was done.  It needed a bit of warranty work as the warranty is about to run out quickly.  Fortunately, the truck was ready, so we left a little earlier than necessary for the kids.

We picked up the truck and took the kids to their respective restaurants.  Mark had printed out a coupon for Arby’s….buy a drink and get a new sandwich free. Well, Mark said the sandwich is basically an Arby’s Roast Beef, but with a fancy bun and veggies added.  As we waited at the drive-thru,  I caught some geese flying towards the setting sun….

Once again, the Canandaigua sunset was so beautiful!

It seems like we had little time to spend doing anything other than running around! Mark spotted a couple of Robins not too far from the truck.

None too exciting photos today, but I was happy to have any at all! It seemed like the day was going to pass me by, after all!