I Really Need Some More Subjects!

Believe it or not, we are enjoying quite *warm* weather here.  Considering the fact this is only March, the temperatures seem almost “balmy”!  To be  comfortable wearing a sweater over a blouse or shirt is unusual this time of the year.

Keeping the beautiful weather in mind, I thought perhaps today I might look about the waterways nearby and see some migrating birds.  After all, the birds cannot all be “home” yet, can they?

I told the family I was going to be out for a couple of hours and left with camera in hand. 

I stopped by Woodville.  Nothing.  Nothing at all.  I decided to check out streams and such in the area.  What did I see?

Canada Geese.

And more Canada Geese.

I went back to Woodville and spent considerable time there.  Waiting.  And waiting. And waiting some more.  This is getting a bit discouraging!

I guess King Solomon was correct……there is nothing new under the sun!