Hey, We’re Back!

Oops, I forgot to tell you we left!

Friday evening, we left with kids and Scotties for the  famous “Almost All-Nighter” at Splash Lagoon in Erie, Pennsylvania. The kids used to love going to these events, but missed a couple last year. 

We headed west into the sunset…

Which grew even more intense…

We met my parents and brother, Randy, at a McDonald’s restaurant near their house.  We sat and talked for a long time, enjoying a snack and the company.   We left after 9,  telling my parents we would try to stop by their house Saturday afternoon.

We arrived in Erie…

The kids were all ready to enter as soon as the doors opened at 10:30.  They got wristbands and the action began at 11:00 PM.  I went inside for a while to take some photos. The last time I tried, I was using my old Olympus camera….its optics were good, but the glass was just too small to capture inside very well.

The kids romp around on waterslides and all sorts of aquatic entertainment!  They also are given tokens to play games in a game room and are served pizza and a soda before all the fun ends at 3:00AM.  I couldn’t believe how toasty it was inside while I was there. The humidity was extreme!  Since the temperature outside was hovering right at about freezing,  the warmth was greatly appreciated!

I liked this little work of art located right outside the front doors.

Mark, the Scotties, and I were kept well entertained outside in the parking lot. We left only for a few minutes. I finally got to watch a Sabres game Mark had recorded Thursday night…..

And we snacked on chicken wings from Quaker Steak and Lube.

When the kids came out shortly after 3,  we pulled into a parking lot and “camped out” for a few hours right near a truck camper.  Mark and I woke up at 7, and we kept with tradition, going to Sam’s Club to shop for about an hour, giving the kids a chance to get a little more sleep.

We drove to my parents’ house, arriving around noon.  Because Mark lost the ability to move around as freely as before after being off his feet for nearly three months, he decided to stay in the truck while the kids and I visited with my parents and Randy. 

When we arrived at the house, my dad told Mark he felt terrible when I told him Mark would wait in the truck outside.  My dad went to work fashioning two small ramps to help Mark get up the front steps of their house.  The ramps worked great and Mark was so grateful to be able to come in the house and visit!

Of course, little Fritz has grown up into a beautiful Dachshund! Michelle just loves him…he is so affectionate!

We visited much longer than we had planned, leaving after 4 PM.  Angus was anxious to get a move on….

We got home around 7, and ah, the bed is looking so very comfortable right now! The house was pretty cold when we stepped inside, but the stove has taken the chill off and now we are cozy and comfortable.

In looking back, it certainly seems like we covered a great deal of territory within a period of about twenty-six hours!