Canandaigua Collection on a March Day

Late this afternoon, after Mark’s physical therapy session,  we had a few hours to  while away until the kids went to their Bible study. One of the grandest ways to spend time I could imagine was to visit the lakefront. Even though I have taken many, many photos of this area, each one is unique and individually a treasure to me.  So, without further ado, I submit today’s photos.

I hope you enjoyed this set….as I look at the photos, so many words tumble about in my mind.  This set seems to make me want to take up pen in hand and compose some poetry!

Winter Wonderland Remix!

Life has been so boring lately! Looking out at the matted grass on the lawn was somewhat depressing, as it would be futile to rake it out….we surely will be seeing more winter weather.  After all, Spring arrives *here*…ummm….I would say perhaps mid-May!  No kidding! ( Many Mother’s Days are spent bundled in winter apparel!)  Oh, I am not complaining….just the facts.

We have been enjoying a winter break in the weather with warmer temperatures and no snow.


this morning!

I was awakened at about 5 am when I heard the front door close.  I was too tired to get up, but too curious to remain in bed.  I walked downstairs and looked out on the porch.  Mark was holding Angus’s leash while Angus sniffed and romped in the front yard.  This was a most unusual situation, as Mark never gets up this early!

I went to go back to sleep, knowing it would never happen.  Once I am up, I am up for the duration, after all! As I was lying on the bed, I did hear the distinct “twit” of a Cardinal.  Sure enough, one was perched in the tree.  Then, I watched as it flitted and another joined it.  I think the birds are courting one another!  There was no way I could have captured the pair, as it would take majorly large glass to capture anything in the pre-dawn darkness.

Later, the birds were chattering up a storm.  As I looked, there were finches and woodpeckers and nucthatches and chickadees! What a delightful sound, in spite of the fact that the snow was falling like crazy!

As soon as snow is no longer a threat,  we will head out to the woods and begin our firewood gathering.  I was so aggrevated by damp wood this year.  We took it in much too late, and boy, what a mess! In a way, I dread the longer days as it means more work!  So for now, I am happy to see the white mantle covering the matted brown grass….and all the leaves all over the yard that blew in from the woods…..and so on!!!!