A Sleepy Dog Day!

Mark has changed his therapy from three to two times a week now.  His appointment this afternoon was later than usual, so we had extra time to finish up work today.  Mark pulled into the parking lot and the weather was so rainy and wet and *chilly*!

Michelle and I stayed in the truck with the Scotties while Mark went in to therapy.  Ben went with him, as he has been helping lately.  It didn’t seem too bad when we first sat waiting, but after a while, it began to feel downright cold!  Of course, Angus, who usually sits in the front seat, headed to the back with Michelle. AND, the warm and cozy blanket!

Murphy, on the other hand, doesn’t care to be covered up.  He tends to get too warm, so he always sleeps without a blanket or where it might get uncomfortable for him.

Eventually, I did have to start the engine and crank the heat up for a couple of minutes.  Michelle and I felt like we were freezing!

I went grocery shopping afterward and finally picked up more than a couple of days worth of groceries.  It was so nice to arrive back home to the toasty warm woodstove….and to the dry house!

The winds are howling like crazy, and we are told we will be returning to a more wintry weather pattern tomorrow; that, after the Daffodils have come up to about 3 1/2 inches tall!