Some Folks Just Have Fun

No matter what!

As I looked at the hot tub, I was thinking about how long we’ve had it out on the back deck.  It has been six and a half years!

One of my fondest memories of the tub happened in March of 2003.  Angus was just a wee little pup that we had gotten a few weeks before. The kids were young and oh, how they loved soaking in the tub! I would watch them through the French doors, trying to be stealth so they could fancy themselves being “big kids”!

On this particular March day, Mark had called for me and I went to talk to him and help him.  The kids would be fine unattended for just a few minutes. 

I heard the door open and close, but wasn’t alarmed because sometimes the kids took small toys to float in the tub.  After finishing up with Mark,  I sauntered to the French doors.  Standing there, I didn’t know whether to SCREAM or laugh hysterically! The kids were so occupied, they never even saw me…

I watched as our two “darlings”  sat across from one another in the tub.  My Wee Angus had been placed in a very large stainless steel mixing bowl.  (Actually, he was so tiny, he fit in there rather handily) I observed in utter amazement as the kids slowly and cautiously moved the bowl back and forth…back and forth….gently floating my new puppy between them. My wee little pup was sailing!

Unfortunately, I was not given (at that moment!) to photographing the event! However, one of my Scottie artist friends memorialized the whole thing in an adorable picture. (click on the picture twice to see the adorable plaid flags and details….when I upload to smaller size, the photo kind of “falls apart”!)

The “red suspenders” refers to the little red harness Angus wears. Mark always calls them suspenders!

Yessiree, Wee Angus of Bristolwood might have some real tales to tell if he could just get beyond “Arroo”!