Gloomy and Downright Ugly!

Okay, so I *do* know it isn’t the greatest thing to dwell on the weather on one’s blog.  BUT! Where on earth did this dismal,  dreary, miserable weather come from anyway?

The above photo was taken this afternoon and that is how it was here the entire day!  We were enshrouded in a colorless covering from dawn to dusk!  We had planned to meet my parents later in the afternoon, but now I am glad we stayed home.  This type of fog is scary.  I remember shortly after we moved here….a mother was going to take her kids to school after they had missed the school bus.  As she stopped for a bus, another vehicle came up behind her, not seeing her until it was too late.  The three children in the back seat were all killed.  After that accident,  I purposed in my heart that I would never drive in blinding fog. No matter what!  It is just too dangerous.

We just enjoyed a rather relaxing Sunday, and it felt good.  Perhaps rain and fog isn’t such a bad thing, after all! Well, except for taking photos! Argh!

The Mobile Living/Dining Room

Last night, the kids had planned to go skating at the Christian center in Bath.  The weather has been so tremendously kind lately,  Mark and I figured it would be fun to take the kids, then park the truck and watch the Sabres game via our server (computer) from home.  Mark was enjoying the warmer weather so much, he wore a short-sleeved shirt, while I wore a shirt, along with a sweater.  NO winter coats!

We dropped the kids off right at seven, then headed towards town.  We hurried and grabbed some fast food, then settled down to watch the game. 

I was impressed at our location, as the nearest food at our home in the Bristolwood is quite some distance! As we looked out the driver’s side,  towards the front,  there was a huge travel trailer sales business located up on a high hill.

Directly to the front of the truck was a grocery store. (Boy, how convenient that would be near our house….seems we are always running out of something or other!)

Just a couple hundred feet outside my door was the familiar “Golden Arches”!

I must admit that the quality of these photos is horrible, but that is because I was too lazy to get outside the truck and take them. You can actually see the smears on the windows in some of the photos.  The good part of this is that during intermission between periods, Mark and I tried to clean the windows a little.  It was hard, though, as  1. it was rainy and very humid, and, 2. with two people and two Scotties inside,  we were only adding to the humidity from outside, making it virtually impossible to eliminate the moisture on the glass!

The game was already well into the first period when we tuned in,  but the score was tied at 1:1 at the period’s end.  Below is our backup goalie, Patrick LaLime.  He has been doing a rather impressive job the past few games, after our starting goalie, Ryan Miller, injured his ankle when a player mowed him over a few games ago.

I must admit,  my “chair” was so fantastically comfortable, I fell sound asleep during the game, awakening when Mark asked if I was going to REALLY watch the game?  Oops! Perhaps I *should* have stayed asleep, as we lost the game.  The final score was Ottawa, 6: Buffalo, 3.

The game ended just shortly before we needed to pick up the kids.  What fun this was! Sometimes being married to a ‘puter geek can be very entertaining!