Yesterday’s Busyness!


Yesterday seems like such a blur. 

We went out late in the morning to replace a broken tool at Sears.  Thank goodness for their fantastic replacement warranty on Craftsman tools!  While we were there, Mark had me try out a couple of recumbent exercise bikes.  I have been grumbling about needing some exercise lately!  Too much sitting!!!!

We went over to Canandaigua for Mark’s afternoon physical therapy appointment.  While Mark went in (Ben went in with him as he has been assisting the therapist lately)  Michelle and I literally raced over to the grocery store.  I have to admit that as I am recovering from the “bug” I had,  my energy level has been so low, I just haven’t felt like doing any “super shopping” for groceries.  In other words, I merely pick up things needed for a couple of days, as opposed to a week or two!

Michelle and I drove back to the hospital, just a couple of minues before Mark and Ben returned to the truck.   Mark asked if there were any other errands to run and I said NO! We needed to hurry home!

We got home at about 3.  I hurried the groceries into the house and quickly made up a shortcake for strawberry shortcake.  I got it into the oven and then began steaming broccoli and spinach to make Spinoccoli. 

Michelle and Ben’s friends, Jeffrey and Jacob, arrived at the house at about 3:30.  The kids played a bit of Foosball, then decided to go for a walk.  While they were gone, I hurried to pound out chicken, season it, then assemble it for baking.  While it was in the oven, I began making pesto to put into the Alfredo sauce.

I finally finished everything up at about 6 and we sat down to eat.  By this time, I was feeling so dragged out! Thank heaven, Mark had offered to make the salad.  The food turned out well, and everyone was happily fed.

Although the kids offered to wash the dishes, I told them I would do it so they could visit.  I was so exhausted by this time, but managed to get almost all of the dishes done.  I did leave a few for this morning!

Mark put on the Sabres game and I was so excited to watch it, but really had to lie down for just a few minutes. I finished reading a book I had been enjoying,  then went down to watch the game with Mark.  While we enjoyed the game, the kids watched a movie, then went out and sat in the hot tub.

By the time the game ended, around 10, I was so tired, I wondered how I was going to climb the stairs.   The boys said their good byes, then I think I raced up to go to bed.  Another day, no photos! I guess I *could* have photographed the Robin I saw, but no, I was racing to the grocery store and it might not have been wise to stop in the street to take a picture!

Today should be a bit more relaxing, but the kids have plans for this evening.  Gotta love the teen years!