There are times when I think I might just as well leave the camera at home. After all, it seems to get me in trouble with the family a lot!  You see, when the camera(s) and I are out together, my eyes are like sonar….they are constantly scanning to the left and right, looking for something unique or unusual!

Yesterday,  we went out for a little while.  Mark needed some things at Lowe’s, so I suggested we go for a little ride to Geneva.  It was a very cold, but sunny day.  While in Geneva, we decided to grab some Kentucky Fried Chicken for dinner.

We left the store, when I heard that distinct sound of geese flying overhead!  I only had the little Panasonic camera with me.  I am just beginning to feel more clear in my thinking after that bout with the flu/cold.  I looked up and saw what apeared to be white geese flying overhead.

The sun was shining so brightly, I figured the Canada Geese were just “looking” white, as the sun reflected off their bodies.  But as I looked at the dark wing tips,  it just didn’t add up.  I started looking around on the internet and saw photos of Snow Geese.  While flying, they definitely have dark tips on their wings.  These birds were headed due north,  so I am now wondering if that is, indeed, what I saw!  (Note to self: BIG kick in the backside for NOT having the Nikon on hand…..)

We drove homeward.  As Mark was getting ready to turn onto state route 21,  I saw what looked like a swarm of bees, but they were birds!

I am not certain if these were Seagulls or not!  I have never seen so MANY at once!  The field they were swarming over was filled with birds as well.  Now, had I been alone,  I would have parked the truck somewhere so I could investigate, but, alas….

So…am I “Bird-watcher” or “Bird-brain”? And, WHY do these things *only* happen when everyone is in the vehicle?

Some Might Call it “Luck”

Yesterday, Jeanne, over at Bermuda Bluez , posted an inspirational quote which basically said that we should use all of our communicative skills to convey our beliefs and dreams.  I thought that was a very interesting quote,  as sometimes I feel that I have not given God the proper glory in my life.  Sometimes, I forget that it is from His hand that life was issued forth.  It is He who sends the rain, the snow, and the sunshine in His appointed times. I mulled Jeanne’s post yesterday, a good part of the day.

This morning,  I watched the little birds outside my window,  flapping their wings and journeying betwixt trees and feeder, moving almost nervously back and forth. As I watched, I couldn’t help but think of the Creator of the Universe….that He would create such beautiful little creatures that we might enjoy them. It seems when I am deepest in my thoughts of God’s great world created for our pleasure, He shows up.  Always in most unexpected ways.

I saw the little female Downy Woodpecker out on the tree.  Boy,  I thought to myself, I would love to get a nice photo of her. She seems rather tame when I lift the window. Perhaps….

I went upstairs and indeed raised the window. She seemingly ignored me!  I began to talk to her a bit and she glanced my way….

It was *then* another of those precious “God moments” showed up.  Totally unexpected.  Totally out of the blue…

I had mentioned the other day that as I was photographing “Mrs.” Downy, she apparently flew off and “Mr.” Downy took her place.  I had found it so curious.  But, in all the years I have been photographing the birds here, I have never seen Mr. and Mrs. Downy together!

The two birds worked away….it seemed that they were unaware of one another, although I doubt that! Mr.  Downy looked right at me. If birds have the capability of “winking”,  I think this is certainly where Mr. Downy would have done so, before both he and Mrs. left the tree.

And in the midst of me happily snapping away with an itching trigger finger,  I imagined my Heavenly Father, smiling down as I so appreciated just one more of His “God moments”! This had nothing to do with luck. Nor coincidence.  Merely a “God-incidence!”