Just a “Bit” Exciting…

As I was sitting on the side of my bed with my laptop,  I was beginning to visit blogs.  I looked up at the trees and smiled at all my little bird friends.  It is so very bitterly cold here this morning, (much like January temperatures) and I am so happy I can help the little birds out by giving them some nourishment!

I caught sight of the little Red-Breasted Woodpecker featured here yesterday.  But wait! There were *TWO* bright red heads bopping up the tree!  Well, I have been taking photos long enough to know to grab my camera when I see something like that!

As you can clearly see, this is not the bird featured yesterday!  As I drew my camera to my face, using it much like a telescope or binoculars, I saw that the head looked dirty!  How did my little bird get dirty?  But in looking closer, I could see this was a female! (the red coloring doesn’t go all the way down to its beak from the back of the head)

In the next photo, she had scratched her head with her foot and I caught her with her eyes still closed!

Hmmm…wonder if in a few weeks I might see several of these colorful woodpeckers?

My Little Friend


The little Red-Breasted Woodpecker was back in the tree outside the window today.  How I wish this bird would be a bit more BRAVE!  All the other birds have become accustomed to me raising the window to take photos.  They patiently (or otherwise)  just watch as I lift the window and begin firing away with the camera. These photos have to all be taken through the window, sadly….