Funny Contrasts…

If this was April 1, as opposed to March 1, I suppose I would just smile and go along with the humor.

This morning,  I awakened before 5 am, which was fine, as I so enjoy my “alone time”.  I tended to the Scotties, feeding them and takng them out, and then started a fire in the woodstove in the garage.  Mark had some work he wanted to do this morning, and he would definitely need some heat!  The temperature was hovering just above 0 this morning (that would be about -18, Celsius) and it was so cold!  There was that sparkling almost irridescent snow that I call “fairy dust” falling from the sky as I went outside.

I finished all of my little chores and went to read a book while getting the stove in the house warmed up.  As daybreak finally began to spread across the Eastern skies,  I was less than impressed.  As I looked out the bedroom window, everything seemed to appear very “monochrome”!  The color for the day, I would say, was “Dismal Grey”!

I decided that since it was so dreary out, ( after the house warmed up), I would throw open the window to try to take a few photos of birds.

The funniest thing happened, though….I had been shooting photos of this cute little female Downy Woodpecker.  She was so cute,  photogenic, and I think she actually stopped and turned her head towards me just so I could get a better shot! (you can tell by the “whitewash” she had been spending considerable time in the crook of this Maple branch)

As I held the camera up to my face, shooting series after series of photos with the Nikon, “she” suddenly became “he”! 

I didn’t see the little female bird leave.  I just kept firing away, when I realized I was “not” shooting the same bird!

Ben and Mark worked a while out in the garage this late afternoon so Michelle and I made spaghetti and meatballs in the Crockpot for dinner.  Later, I made up a batch of Butter Dinner Rolls and Michelle shaped them into clover leaf rolls after they proofed.  We made up a nice big Greek salad and when Mark and Ben came in, we were ready to sit down to dinner…..

But I saw something that really caught my eye!

Yes, it was one of those notable and rare beautiful Bristolwood sunsets!  As the time passed and the sun headed further west, the colors became more incredible until suddenly, they became pale blue with grey!

While our temperatures are pretty nippy,  we are missing out on a storm that is marching up the east coast of the US, causing snow in some pretty unusual places!  On the news this evening, I heard Philadelphia could receive anywhere from 5-15 inches!  The system was also supposed to bring snow as far south as Akansas and the Carolinas!