Canandaigua Coots and More!

Late this afternoon, Mark and I decided to use a gift card my parents had given us to pick up dinner at Applebee’s in Canandaigua.  (thanks Mom and Dad!)  Mark had spent some time this afternoon trying to fix a broken chair and I still am feeling tired from this bug.  My head isn’t stuffed up anymore, thankfully, but I just am feeling “drained”.

I figured the quickest way to pick up the meals and get them home in a timely fashion was for me to go alone.  The kids were happy to sit and watch some TV with Mark,  so off I went.  I left the house a few minutes early, so I slung my Nikon camera bag over my back and headed off.

I got this idea that perhaps if I took the lake road, I could see if those Coots were still hanging around.  I drove a good ways up the lake when I caught sight of a good many Canada Geese flying overhead. They were striking the way the sun was shining on their bodies.

It was shortly thereafter I saw them! Yes, the Coots! They were all swimming together like a big blob, all facing to the left!

I think they were nearly in the same place I spotted them on Thursday.  Even though I brought the better camera,  the sun was getting very low in the sky, and it was hard to get any good photos.  I really did try, though!

I got back in the Explorer and drove on to Applebee’s.  As I was sitting at the traffic light, I couldn’t help but notice the hundreds upon hundreds of Canada Geese heading towards the lake.  String after string of them came, filling the sky with all sorts of honking sounds….

After picking up dinner,  I just had to pull over t the WalMart parking lot, as, yes, it was just another nice Canandaigua sunset!

Heading a bit west, where the sun was still present, I got another view of the pretty sunset, complete with geese!

I hurried home with the food and it sure was good!  It is particularly nice to not have to cook when one is not feeling so chipper!