Another Day, Another Inspection

Today was certainly not the most exciting of days.  In fact, it was rather like a Monday!

Last night, Michelle settled down for the night, but complained that her head was so stuffed up, she could hardly breathe.  Feeling sorry for her, I  started up a vaporizer.  I had secretly been intending to to that anyway, as I felt as though someone was holding my head underwater!  I kept yawning and gasping for air, as my nose felt as though it was jammed full.  No amount of nose-blowing was going to clear out my head, for sure. 

Michelle went and got the vaporizer while I went to my supplies and got enough Eucalyptus essential oil to fill the little resevoir in the vaporizer.  We plugged the unit in in my bedroom and within minutes, the familiar slight hissing noise let us know that relief was on the way.   Soon thereafter,  both Michelle and I found relief as the essential oil filled the room.  I was unable to smell anything last night, but this morning, with my head feeling so relieved and my nose unplugged, I could smell the Eucalyptus and it felt so soothing.

Mark had therapy this afternoon and the kids and I went along for the ride.   I knew there were still many things we needed as far as shopping, but I just haven’t felt up to doing the entire shebang. I guess my head is still a little out of sorts, as evey time Mark says something, or asks for something,  I ask him to repeat himself!

After therapy,  we went to WalMart and I raced against the clock, grabbing several things on the list.  We then hurried off to another appointment for New York inspection….this time on the truck.  Last year, the place we had the inspection done goofed it up and our two-year-old truck failed emmissions inspection! This year, Mark took it to the Chevy garage where there were no problems at all.

As we waited for the truck, the heavens opened and rained poured down.  The temperature was slowly retreating downwards throughout the day and we are even told we can expect some new snow this weekend.

On our way home,  Mark took the state road.  As we were getting closer to home,  there seemed to be quite a stir ahead.  As we moved along the road, there were signs up stating,  “Emergency Scene Ahead”.  WHAT, pray tell, does THAT mean? 

Flashing lights came into view and there must have been five firetrucks lined along the road.  We passed a pickup truck not too badly damaged so we weren’t quite able to discern what had happened other than the pickup’s front end was damaged.

Home never felt so wonderful!  I was so tired….I guess this bug has taken a bit of a toll on me.  I find myself resting a good deal more than usual!

I so cannot wait to feel “all better” again!