How About a Little Snicker?

At my expense, of course!

Remember that I was feeling quite sick the other day, and truth be known, my poor head felt quite as though it might have cobwebs growing in it!  In other words, I might not have been thinking clearly, *if* at all!

I slowly made my way to the bathroom. As I walked in the hallway, I heard a distinctive “scratching” noise.  I stood and listened…it seemed as though perhaps it was coming from behind the large rolltop desk in the hallway. Knowing there is no space between the desk and the wall, it had to be coming from the kneewall area behind the desk.  Having a steep roof, we have kneewalls in the rooms upstairs, creating small storage spaces.

I stood, dumbfounded, yet nearly frozen with realization that perhaps an animal was hidden just a few feet from me!  Not knowing exactly what to do, I remained immobilized until almost supernaturally, something caused me to look upward.

There, carefreely bouncing up and down with the air current in the house was a helium-filled Valentine’s Day mylar balloon.

Yes, I was feeling pretty sick, but the noise the balloon made did indeed sound a lot like scratching! I suppose if logical reasoning had been present, I would have realized that it would be highly unlikely for any creature to enter the house unless the door had been left open, and also that the Scotties would have been hot on the trail had any creature entered their domain!

Okay, go ahead and laugh….but remember, I really was sick!

3 Responses

  1. I won’t laugh – I had this very curious noise in the car which had me really concerned until I realised it was the wiper on the back window (and I’m not sick!!)

  2. Well, leastwise I am in good company!!! hehehe
    And I shan’t mention how when I first got the Explorer, it took a good time before I got used to the blessed windshield wiper slapping against that rear window……

  3. I’ve done that before… I could have sworn as I slammed on the brakes that a wind swept clump of leaves was a cat crossing the road! I stopped dead in the road… my passenger looking at me as though I had lost my mind stopping for leaves!

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