Under the Weather

Yes, that is where I have been the past couple of days.  Monday is a day I would rather forget about, as by the early evening,  I developed the worst case of “shakes” ever!  As I was lying in bed, I got so chilled, I began to shake.  The shaking grew more and more intense, to the point that I had cramps in my back and I was certain my bones were all going to break!  I managed to get myself into the bathroom,  where I filled the tub with hot water….as soon as I sat in the tub, the shaking disappeared.  I then suffered through bouts of being overheated, then chilled….ugh! (As an aside, the family was downstairs, watching TV. They never even knew this happened!!!)

Yesterday I felt well enough to wander downstairs, where I was greeted by what looked like “waves of laundry”.  The kids had sorted the laundry and there was so much to do!  They were going to do it, but I insisted I would *try*.  I finished putting the last load away at nine last night!  Not too bad after being sick!

While discussing what we would have for dinner last night, I voted for pizza.  I was too tired/miserable to prepare a meal.  Mark and the kids said that would be good with a salad, so Michelle made a great salad. I drove to the store.  As I was about to turn in, two firetrucks raced past me, and turned onto a side road.  I went into the store and as I waited for the girl to wait on me, three more trucks flew down the hill from another volunteer department.  I looked for any news about a fire, but haven’t seen anything.  It was certainly alarming!

The temperature here this morning was about 8 degrees (that would be -12, Celsius) and it is supposed to rise to about 41 degrees. (5 degrees, Celsius)  Needless to say, I will certainly try to spend some time out in the bright sunshine and fresh air today!  When I took the Scotties out this morning, even though the air was cold, it felt so refreshingly good!

The good news is that I was able to read a couple of books to try to divert my attention from the agony overwhelming me! I also tried to take a few bird photos from bedside, as I was too weak to stand on Monday. The results were pathetic!

Hopefully, I will be able to get a few photos today. The skies are intense blue and the sun is pouring down.

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  1. Thanks Terri! I spoke to a customer today who said they went to the DR who gave them a script for antibiotics! They said this thing lingers on and on! NOT! I refuse to be sick….

    Thanks Bill! Hey, I always surface again…I was jst kind of weak and feeling rather miserable! Not good for posting on a blog!!!!!

  2. Refuse to be sick, by all means – but I don’t believe in suffering the effects of fever if a couple pf paracetamol will relieve the symptoms! BTW – I found it impossible to buy paracetamol during my month in the States and had to be rescued by a friend who’d been living in the UK and had left-overs! Do you not have it, or is it called something else?

  3. Chris, I just typed paracetamol in Google and from what I gethered at Wikipedia, it would be our equivalent of acetaminophen, or most often referred to as “Tylenol”. Doctors here recommend Tylenol on a regular basis for headaches, as well as ibuprophen. I took an ibuprophen the night I was burning up but it seemed like I had to grin and bear the fever until it finally diminished! My mom, a retired registered nurse, always used to say it was good to allow a fever to run its course, so long as it didn’t get too out of hand. When I was young, I used to get a fever, burn for three or four hours, then be perfectly fine! I never got flu, although I did suffer many colds!

  4. Sounds like you had a touch of some sort of virus or something. Ibuprofen never works for me when I have a fever….but for some reason Extra Strength Tylenol does. Glad you are feeling better now!

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