Back With a Couple of Photos

I guess it is a good thing I am feeling better since today was a semi-busy day.

Michelle’s bedroom was awash in sunlight this morning, and since Angus had wandered up there, he decided to rest on her big down comforter she had placed on the floor while making her bed….

I like to think of our home as being a sanctuary…a refuge where one can find peace and comfort.  This morning a “new” bird appeared at the feeder.  She is a little Downy Woodpecker. (these are the smallest woodpeckers in the US)

And speaking of being a sanctuary….take a look who came by at noon!

This doe was accompanied by three young deer.  They were a good deal smaller than she, so they must have been born last year.  The doe was incredible! I opened the window and leaned out a bit with the camera.  She stood and watched as I snapped several photos while talking to her.

Those are sunflower husks on her nose.  She was standing below the birdfeeder, looking for sunflower seeds.

Yup, I guess our accommodations include all sorts of wildlife, as well as humans!

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  1. How lucky you are to have such beauties close by and ready to pose for your cameras! We, too, are visited by many deer, but they choose to come at night, and leave only their calling cards in our back yard. Hope they decompose before Spring and Summer entice the girls to run barefoot through the grass!

  2. Ohh how I wish I lived in the woods like you do. Your shots are fantastic! And your visitors are so lovely. We have a little Downy Woodpecker here that loves the suet feeder I have hung out there.

  3. The second picture of the doe is awesome! That’s pretty amazing that she didn’t get skittish and run off when you opened the window. I just got a new bird feeder, so I am waiting for the birds to find it. Hopefully I will get a cardinal picture or two.

  4. The photo of Angus is just precious!! He looks so calm and relaxed…right at home! And the second one of the doe is incredible. I really love living where I do too….where we can see all kinds of wildlife…at all different times of the day or night!

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