Back With a Couple of Photos

I guess it is a good thing I am feeling better since today was a semi-busy day.

Michelle’s bedroom was awash in sunlight this morning, and since Angus had wandered up there, he decided to rest on her big down comforter she had placed on the floor while making her bed….

I like to think of our home as being a sanctuary…a refuge where one can find peace and comfort.  This morning a “new” bird appeared at the feeder.  She is a little Downy Woodpecker. (these are the smallest woodpeckers in the US)

And speaking of being a sanctuary….take a look who came by at noon!

This doe was accompanied by three young deer.  They were a good deal smaller than she, so they must have been born last year.  The doe was incredible! I opened the window and leaned out a bit with the camera.  She stood and watched as I snapped several photos while talking to her.

Those are sunflower husks on her nose.  She was standing below the birdfeeder, looking for sunflower seeds.

Yup, I guess our accommodations include all sorts of wildlife, as well as humans!

Under the Weather

Yes, that is where I have been the past couple of days.  Monday is a day I would rather forget about, as by the early evening,  I developed the worst case of “shakes” ever!  As I was lying in bed, I got so chilled, I began to shake.  The shaking grew more and more intense, to the point that I had cramps in my back and I was certain my bones were all going to break!  I managed to get myself into the bathroom,  where I filled the tub with hot water….as soon as I sat in the tub, the shaking disappeared.  I then suffered through bouts of being overheated, then chilled….ugh! (As an aside, the family was downstairs, watching TV. They never even knew this happened!!!)

Yesterday I felt well enough to wander downstairs, where I was greeted by what looked like “waves of laundry”.  The kids had sorted the laundry and there was so much to do!  They were going to do it, but I insisted I would *try*.  I finished putting the last load away at nine last night!  Not too bad after being sick!

While discussing what we would have for dinner last night, I voted for pizza.  I was too tired/miserable to prepare a meal.  Mark and the kids said that would be good with a salad, so Michelle made a great salad. I drove to the store.  As I was about to turn in, two firetrucks raced past me, and turned onto a side road.  I went into the store and as I waited for the girl to wait on me, three more trucks flew down the hill from another volunteer department.  I looked for any news about a fire, but haven’t seen anything.  It was certainly alarming!

The temperature here this morning was about 8 degrees (that would be -12, Celsius) and it is supposed to rise to about 41 degrees. (5 degrees, Celsius)  Needless to say, I will certainly try to spend some time out in the bright sunshine and fresh air today!  When I took the Scotties out this morning, even though the air was cold, it felt so refreshingly good!

The good news is that I was able to read a couple of books to try to divert my attention from the agony overwhelming me! I also tried to take a few bird photos from bedside, as I was too weak to stand on Monday. The results were pathetic!

Hopefully, I will be able to get a few photos today. The skies are intense blue and the sun is pouring down.