My Honorable Adversary

AKA “that dirty bird!”

I was looking out the French doors early this afternoon when I spotted IT!  Yes, if you look very carefully, you can see a little bright red spot right about dead center in the photo below.

That is the head of the Pileated Woodpecker.  This is a very large woodpecker with a distinct pecking sound that rivals a jackhammer!  He was up in the woods behind the house,  probably about 200 feet away.

I had called Michelle to grab my Nikon camera so I could try to get a shot of the bird, but these birds are so shy, they fly as soon as they sense a human anywhere near them!  I suppose if they lived in a more populous area, they wouldn’t be quite so coy, but here in the Bristolwood, I have never been able to capture one with the camera.

True to form, just as soon as I stepped my foot outside the door, the bugger heard…saw…whatever, and decided to take flight!  The good news is I was foreward-thinking enough to try to capture the bird as it flew overhead! (I was always HORRIBLE at skeet shooting)

So, here are two (very humble) attempts to catch the stinker above my head…..

These photos were taken with my long lens, handheld. Of course, the sky was a putrid shade of grey, causing the bird to appear a dismal grey color as well.  If only the sun would have shone upon its head to show that glorious bright red color.  Ah well….

We WILL meet again, bird! Until then………

“The Cure”

For my dreadful headache!

At about five o’clock yesterday afternoon, I began to feel hungry.  Rightfully so, as I had not eaten all day, save a sliver of Michelle’s terrific cake.  At the same time, I also decided enough was enough with the lingering headache, so I was going to take some Ibuprophen. 

Ben has culinary skills that rival those of top chefs, I am so convinced! He has come up with the perfect omelette of spinach and feta cheese that would make any restaurant proud to serve!  I ate my omelette, along with a slice of whole wheat toast….it was so fantastic!

The Buffalo Sabres played last night against the New York Strangers  Rangers, and Buffalo was doing a terrific job! We were winning, when in the third period, one of their finest players slewfooted our goalie.  Our goalie, Ryan Miller,  has been showing up everywhere in ads and such, as he is such a terrific player.  There was no reason for this player to have taken Ryan out of the game. (slewfooting is when a player comes from the rear and rams his knee into the knee of the player in front, taking him down and possibly causing some serious damage)  Scott Gomez said he couldn’t stop in time, but everyone who has viewed the replays believes it was an intentional move on Gomez’s part.  Playoffs are important and Buffalo is struggling to move up in the standings, hoping to make it to the playoffs.  I was too tired to watch the game last night, but listened via radio.  When Mark showed me the play later, I felt sick to my stomach….

I went to bed feeling somewhat better, but still not “well”.  This morning, though, ahhhhh! What relief to have that headache gone!