Another Busy Day

We had to arise early this morning, as Mark had an early morning appointment for physical therapy.  He cancelled yesterday’s appointment, as we had Ben’s friends over and it would have been nearly impossible to attend the appointment and rush home to greet everyone as they arrived!

We went to Mark’s appointment and I got to see him walk in a “walker”.  It was great to see him standing on his legs, nearly as upright as anyone would walk. Wow.  The therapist made a comment she had no idea he was so tall! He worked hard for about 35 minutes, then we were on our way.

We stopped down by the lake and I had fun watching the geese and ducks playing on the ice….

The kids have off school this week, so we took them to the mall where they wanted to do a little shopping. Afterwards, we hopped on over to Rochester.  We had so many little stops and errands, it seemed like we were never going to finish!

But…we did! On the way home, I caught this….

I am so tired and I still have some photos to process, but tomorrow is another day! For now, I need to get some rest!