Jeanne over at BermudaBluez wondered on one comment she left if perhaps Spring *is* coming.  This got me a tad bit curious, so I went out to the garden beds to see if there were any signs of life. What I found was quite amazing to me!

The Columbines seem to always be ready and willing for the snow to disappear so they can shoot up!

A little surprise that caught me off guard was the Daffodils peeking up from under the leaf litter!

And the biggest surprise of all was the greenery on my Mum!  This plant put on such a spectacular show this past Fall.  What a terrific addition to the garden!

Today was Ben’s birthday. He decided not to have a birthday party, but rather, a gathering of his friends.  He invited eleven kids and they all came! Carly also came with her three kids, so at one point,  there were nineteen people here!  What a riot!  I think everyone enjoyed themselves and Mark enjoyed playing Foosball with the kids.  We had Tacos for dinner and it was just a lot of fun having everyone here.

Carly pointed out one pair of rather unique shoes….

Yup, the kids’ friend, Sage, wears his intense green Reeboks with bookworms on them! They are quite appropriate, actually, as Sage is in his second or third year of college at the ripe old age of sixteen!

A most busy and entertaining day. One of the highlights was when the Hardy twins were getting ready to leave. Before departing, they went to Ben and sang their version of “Happy Birthday” in two-part harmony. Fabulous!  It really was a great day, full of fun and lots of good memories!

Umm…one thing…I think we will just ignore the weather report calling for rain, freezing rain, and snow….The flowers cannot lie, after all, can they?