Happy Valentine’s Day

Too bad I don’t have a picture of a beautiful red Cardinal to insert here for Valentine’s Day, but how about this adorable face?

I wondered about the Goldfinches….they are a kind of “olive drab” during the winter months, but bright yellow in the summer…So, when do they change color?  If you look at the little bird above, you can see the bright patch of yellow under the beak.  I have noticed bright yellow on the finches here and there.  I wonder if this is because their breeding season isn’t too far off?

I went wandering about in the woods a little to see what kind of damage might have resulted from the tremendous winds on Tuesday.  I was happy to see that the snow *finally* allowed me to show off the treads on my (not so) new boots!

Yes, I was waiting for the wet, sticky kind of snow so I could show the snowflakes on the bottom of my boots!

There are several trees down just in a small area I observed.  I wonder just how many more there are throughout our woods!  I did not photograph a large Basswood that broke open at its base…really weird….looks like it imploded! I dislike Basswood!

I feel so spoiled this Valentines Day!  Mark and the kids got me flowers…..

A cute Valentine balloon bouquet……

And, (so very dear to my heart!) TWO boxes of Walker’s Scottish Shortbread cookies!

We took our kids, along with two others, over to a small party in Penn Yan today.  Mark and I got to spend some time alone….gads, it was soooo incredibly quiet!  We drove around a bit and went to Geneva to look in a couple of stores.

Last night, Mark and I watched a Buffalo Sabres game on television.  The game was held in Buffalo, and the NHL (National Hockey League) offered to postpone the game in light of the tragic plane crash in Buffalo Tuesday night.  The management decided that perhaps the game would be good for the people, bringing them together in a spirit of unity.

Before the game began, there was a moment of silence in memory of those killed in the crash.  It sent goosebumps up and down my arms, seeing this huge arena, full of people, heads bowed in silence.  During the game,  short clips of the coach were shown with him speaking about the crash. It was obvious this was a very difficult subject for him. Several of the players on the Sabres team live within minutes of where the accident occurred.

The game went on with Buffalo in the lead against the leading team in the western conference.  As time passed, the San Jose Sharks tied the game, then scored another goal,  leading the game 5-4.  As the closing minutes of the game wound down, it looked for all intents and purposes, like the Sharks were going to win the game.  With 3.9 seconds on the clock, Buffalo scored, tying the game as it came to a close!  You have never seen such a standing ovation! Fans screamed and cheered for what seemed like forever!

The game went into a fourth period, which is played 4 on 4, for five minutes. Neither team scored, so it was time for a shootout.  After several players went out, individually, to try to score on each goalie, the Sabres wound up victorious!! It was a very tense and nerve-wracking game, but the fans were nearly ecstatic! I do think that the game did unify the people in Buffalo for a time, and gave them something good to enjoy.

My heart and prayers go out for the families and friends of those on Flight 3407….

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  1. Lovely flowers, balloon and shortbread [mmmm]! Lovely photos too — as always.

    And my prayers for those affected by the flight 3407 tragedy also.

  2. My Valentine’s day was hectic, but fantastic. (I’ll blog about it all in a little while.. laundry is a must first! LOL) I love that short bread too! It’s hard to find some times though.
    The plane crash was horrid. I didn’t find out too much about it as I got called into work early and didn’t have time for any news until after we got home from dinner Friday night.
    Good going for the Sabres! Overtime hockey games can be more exciting then the game itself sometimes.

  3. Glad that you had a terrific Valentine’s Day!! And yes, it will take us some time to get over the plane crash. What a terrible tragedy. Then we woke up this morning to the headlines of the senseless killing of the couple in Canandaigua and the two people in Brockport. Makes me wonder. What is this world coming to. My prayers go out to the two children left behind. I hope they can somehow find some peace and comfort.

  4. I work at Walkers Shortbread and wanted to let you know I’m going to mention this post at my blog on our Trade site. Not only because you mention our cookies but also for your description of the Buffalo Sabres game and how it unified the people in Buffalo. I was very touched by your words. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected.

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