Who Has Seen the Wind?

The weatherman was correct when he told us we were going to have high winds and falling temperatures today!  The temperature has been hovering a few degrees above the freezing mark,  causing us to be hammered by big, wet snowflakes!  The driving winds are nearly driving me crazy! It is so very loud outside!

The little Goldfinches have been hanging around the feeder all day.  As they sit in the tree, they dip and dive up and down, as though on a ride at the amusement park. 

As Michelle was working on my laptop this afternoon, she said the computer suddenly died.  The house became so quiet and we realized there was no electricity.  When Mark called the power company, they said there were no known power outages in the area….I went to the panel box and the main circuit breaker had gone off. I flipped it back to the on position and now it is fine.  Not too sure what caused the breaker to switch off, though.  On the radio, I heard there are thousands of people in the state without electricity.

Ah, such buggerish winds!