Oh Boy!

Today has some cool plans for later this evening. We are going to attend a hockey game! Yes, attend!!! No, it isn’t a Sabres game, but it is in Buffalo, and it is the Sabres’ farm team….the Portland (Maine) Pirates.  I am so excited because a few of the players have played with the Sabres this year.  I am especially excited to see Nathan Gerbe again.  He played a short time with the Sabres, but was injured during one of the games.

I will leave you with some photos of life here today…

Let me say that I was just going to show a photo out the bedroom window, where you can see how much the snow has melted off in the woods.  However, when I opened the window, there was a chorus of chirps I have not heard in a long time!

Look closely in the photo below to see many, many little finches feeding in the side yard.  Oh, and all those little “speckles”?  Sunflower seeds!  The birds are rather messy, dropping them all about, but they do eventually get eaten! I foresee some serious raking once the snow is gone for good!

And here is the original photo I wanted to show.  I cannot believe we are actually seeing the ground once again!  It has been warm the past couple of days, but the weatherman warned today *not* to get accustomed to this warmer trend.  Not yet!  He really lowered the boom by telling us that the higher elevations can expect some sizable snowfall on Thursday.

Gee, I spent about two hours outside this morning,  washing tons of salty grime from the truck and Explorer. They were both so filthy, I could barely stand to touch them to open the doors!  Now they are both sparkling clean!

Will have some hockey photos for tomorrow….I can hardly wait to go!!!