God Moments

Mark had a physical therapy appointment this afternoon, so the kids and I went along with him.  After his appointment,  the kids said they were hungry, so Mark took them on over to Wendy’s to grab a bite to eat.  As they were eating,  I ventured out to catch a few photos of Canada Geese, which seemed to be everywhere along a little stream running to the lake.

I had to cross over a little ravine to get some of these pictures.  It didn’t look too bad, so I went to step over and ended up sinking midway to my thighs in snow!  I hurriedly hopped out of the pile,  looking back to see if anyone saw me almost go down, as I lost my balance. Sheesh!  At least my camera was still in my hand and safe!

I walked past this very interesting little contraption someone had parked next to the stream…

We left Wendy’s and drove down next to the lake.  I had Mark park so I could take a couple more photos.  There were just a few geese and seagulls out on the ice on the lake.

I have taken photos of this particular area in the summer, but I don’t think I have any winter photos here.

I love the way the tree was mirroring itself off the smooth water of the lake.

We discovered a few weeks ago that WalMart has an awesome Tyson Buttery Garlic roast chicken that is delicious.  As Mark went into therapy,  I called WalMart and ordered a chicken to take home for dinner. They will roast one if we call ahead and we can get it fresh, rather than one that has been sitting around.  So, we went to pick it up.

As I came out of the store, I was totally caught up by the spectacular sky. It was, well, awesome!

Michelle wanted to go over to TJ Maxx when we finished up at WalMart.  Mark drove over and parked the truck.  We talked while waiting for Michelle.  I happened to look out the side rear mirror on the door.  I thought it was kind of funny that there was a rainbow in the mirror.  I turned around to see if it was a reflection off something, when I discovered there was a sundog in the sky!

As you can see, it was breathtaking with those unique clouds! As I sat reviewing the photos on my camera, I thought to myself that Carly’s mother-in-law, Madeline, had told me sundogs usually appear in pairs.  I searched the sky, but only saw one.   Then, *suddenly*, its twin appeared.

I took photo after photo, telling Mark this was just too amazing!  I explained to him that it almost seems that some days God is just humoring my picture-taking!  I told Mark I often think of myself as a spoiled princess, as I am sure God is smiling as he sees my excitement. 

I looked out the window once again, and this time, I nearly squealed with delight! Look closely at the photo below….

You can actually see a huge “arch” that encircles the sun.  It looked like a giant rainbow around the sun. It was hard to see, but you can see it is there!  By this point, I was nearly in tears, feeling as though God was overwhelming me with His glorious handiwork.

It was then that I looked up in the sky just above the truck….

This rainbow was above the truck and was totally disjointed from the sundogs or the rainbow around the sun.  By now, tears were streaming down my face.  There was no precipitation. None at all. Only my tears! These are what I can only describe as “God Moments”.  Times when I am thinking about Him and it is as though He shows up on the scene…..

By the way, within about five minutes, the sundogs, arch, and rainbow were completely gone.  Completely…..

How About Some Photos?

When I came in from outside this morning,  I found a rather odd sight….

Yes, that is my little “heart dog”, Murphy!  So, do I blame the wee Scottie, or the sloppy person who left a chair away from the table so the laddie could hop on up to give the table a proper cleaning? I scolded him (to little avail)  and removed him from the table! He jumped up on the couch, propped his head on a pillow, and dozed on and off while watching the fire in the woodstove!

The next six photos are of ice formations in the little stream out front. I have always been fascinated by these, and they were so pretty!

This thin little sapling has such a thick coating of ice!

Have you ever heard of Dale Chihuly?  He is an American artist who has taken glass-blowing to a most remarkable level.  I saw a show about him a few years ago, taking his glass blown ornaments all over the world….hanging them in the streets and floating them on waterways.  They were huge and just awesome!  Well, when I looked closely at these ice formations,  I could see a lot of inspriation for Chihuly glass!

Oops! As I was wandering about taking my photos, I suddenly realized I hadn’t switched out my footwear…..

Can you say icy toes?

Well, I had worked so hard getting my pictures, I worked up quite an appetite!  I have been absolutely craving salads lately,  so I made a nice Greek salad. It was so tasty!

And last photo….a pretty daisy in the bouquet on our table!

Just random photos, but a little glimpse into life in the Bristolwood!

Please Don’t Laugh!

Just a short time ago, I was sitting on my bed, reading blogs.  As I read, I suddenly heard the sharp little short chirps that belong to Cardinals.  I literally threw my laptop aside and jumped up to look out the window.  WOW!

Not only did I get to see (darkly) a pair of Cardinals, but the moon was bright and about to disappear over the western hills.  I grabbed the Nikon and raced downstairs to the front porch in my nightshirt and flipflops.  It is *quite* cold out there. 

Not grabbing my monopod, the above photo was the best I could do with the moon…the optics in the camera were going nuts, trying to focus in on such a distant orb. And, I was shaking in my flipflops!!! So, the result is my artistic, shaky moon photo.  But, hey, you get the idea!

In other noteworthy news…many people in western New York who live in low-lying areas  are on alert, as the temperatures are soaring the first part of this week.  This will cause ice to break up in area rivers and creeks, causing flooding.  Some people have already been evacuated along waterways as the flooding has begun.  With record amounts of snowfall of late, this becomes a deadly threat to those folks.

Our Buffalo Sabres will be playing the next three to four weeks without our top scorer.  Thomas Vanek was playing in the game (we watched in the truck) against the Ottawa Senators last Saturday night, when one of the Sens lobbed the puck right up into Vanek’s jaw.  Vanek underwent surgery yesterday for a broken jaw and is expected to be out for a few weeks.  The shooter was only about 6 feet away from Vanek, so he took the puck really hard.  We saw as he literally raced off the ice and down into the locker room Saturday night.  This is a real blow to the team.

Well, our forecast is for warm. That in and of itself is awesome, BUT, as a bonus, we also get sunshine! Wow! The sky is just now getting light…remember, we are surrounded by hills, so the sun rises late here! Cannot wait to see what this day brings to us…..