Away for the Day

Yesterday, Mark spent some time on the telephone with my mom and an internet provider representative, trying to iron out some problems.  When  Mark finished, my mom sent off an email to me using her new account asking if we might want to meet up today.  We all agreed this would be fun.

Walking out to the driveway proved to be an interesting little adventure.  Looks like mud season is here!

We have had two days of warm weather.  This means that the temperatures have been above freezing!  We did have a minor snowstorm this morning,  complete with horizontal falling snow! I  noticed that the snow had really melted in front of the house,  exposing some of the plants in the front garden.  I looked down from the porch and was happy to see the bright green leaves of the Columbine!

We got ready to go and were off down the southern tier expressway.  I love this drive, as gentle rolling hills surround the road on both sides.  It is so pleasant….

We arrived at Sprague’s Restaurant a little after 3, and my parents and brother, Randy, were there waiting for us.  As we waited for a large table, we chatted and watched two new birds there.  They are 10 week old Indian Ringneck Parrots.  They were so pretty!

We were seated and we ordered.  We chatted some more and then enjoyed a (once again) delicious meal! Sitting at the table,  I couldn’t resist taking a photo of the lamps above the tables.  I think these lamps are recycled maple syrup buckets!   

I rushed to finish up so I could go outside and visit with the beautiful Swans down at their pond.  They are so amazing…

“That moon” was brilliant once again!

Another great day, well spent!

It’s a Tough Life

It seems that Mark and I spend an awful lot of time sitting in the truck, waiting for out kids!  Yesterday afternoon,  the kids planned to meet some of their friends at the mall.  Mark and I decided to just relax in the truck, so Mark pulled over into the far end of the parking lot. This is what we saw!

Yup, a huge mountain of gross and dirty snow from the parking lot when it was plowed.  It was such a beautiful afternoon.  It was a bit chilly, but the such was shining in a sea of blue skies. We had the two Scotties with us and Angus enjoyed looking out the window.  Mark scolded him and told him it was so bright, he needed sunglasses.   Mark placed his glasses on Angus and funny Scottie that he is, Angus just sat there looking out the window with the glasses on his face!

As we sat in the truck,  I noticed the moon was visible, even though it was only the middle of the afternoon.

Today was a busy day.  Michelle and I did four loads of laundry and cleaned the house up a bit.  I spent time out on the driveway, salting and breaking up ice.  That ice was so thick….between about 2 and 2 1/2 inches. What a mess! 

The kids were going out once again this evening to the Teen Skate.  I had placed a corned beef brisket in the Crock Pot,  so we had that for dinner.  Everyone had a corned beef sandwich on rye with caramelized onions and cabbage on the side.  I love easy, non-fussy meals like this when we are going out.  After finishing the dishes, we dropped the kids off at the center and drove to town.

We parked in a lot at the store and Mark pulled his laptop out of the bag….using his phone as a modem, we were able to watch the Buffalo Sabres/ Ottawa Senators game on the laptop.  Mark has set up a computer at home to act as a server and he is able to log on remotely…we can watch anything recorded or live on the laptop. 

Ah yes, life sure is tough in this age of technology, no?