There’s Always a Story….

This morning, a little feeling of restlessness (or perhaps more accurately, “wander lust”) overcame me, causing me to tell my family I was going off to take some photos.  It was many degrees warmer this morning than yesterday, and I guess I was just feeling my oats!

I got to thinking that I had not photographed the lake from around my home in some time, so perhaps I would take a look to see…I drove to the overlook that our town made a couple years ago. This is a wonderful vantage point from which to view the lake….

Although the air was still quite “crisp”, it was also delightful. 

The southern end of the lake was frozen with snow in it.  In the photo below, the area of the lake that looks nearly navy blue was also frozen, but the ice is much thinner. 

Hmmm….did you spot those two black “specks” on the ice?  I sure did with the long lens on my camera.  And, of course, being the curious type, I needed to check it out….

So I headed down the road that leads to Woodville.  As I passed this barn, I loved the colors of the wreaths against the nearly sepia color of the wood….

I arrived down at the boat launch and debated about whether I would want to walk out on the ice myself.  I decided that since the lake was so windy, it would be senseless to try to photograph anything.  Looking back, it would have been cool to look back at the shore and take some photos.

Here is some ice formed on the bottom of the dock.

There were several ice fishermen out on the lake.

And they had all of the essential paraphernalia, including a cool hut! (it was bitter on the lake!)

So, here is the story.  The next five photos tell it. I will interject that a red pickup truck pulled up next to me in the parking lot.  The man got out and loaded his little blue ice-fishing sled with the necessities. He looked like he had some difficulty walking,  but, well, call him a diehard!

The ironic thing about this whole little adventure that led me to the lake…take a look at the clouds….they look like fish scales!