Last night, Mark and I watched a really amazing Buffalo Sabres game in which we really reduced the Toronto Maple Leafs.  Because Buffalo and Toronto are in relatively close proximity, a lot of Leaf fans attend the games hosted in Buffalo.  Lasy night, I felt sorry for any fans who ventured south…what a game!  It is so good to see Buffalo’s Tim Connolly back and healthy, as well as Teppo Numinen, who is back after suffering a fractured jaw when a puck slammed him in the face last month.  We also have Patrick Kaleta back from a neck injury suffered during a game a couple of months ago. The end score was Buffalo, 5: Toronto, 0!

This morning when the clock radio went off, I have to admit, I wanted to pull the covers up over my head! They announced the various temperatures in the region, and they were COLD! My hometown was at -7!  I did brave the cold….hahaha….we have nothing to fear…..we have the Jotul!

I fed the boys and took them out.  As much as they love the cold like I do,  they were not the least bit hesitant to run in the front door as soon as it was opened!  I kicked my boots off and looked down…I could not resist photographing my contrasting footwear.

I go nuts when my feet are cold, so you get an idea of how warm it is inside our house!

I’ll leave you with something to warm things up a bit.  When I caught the spectacular colors of the sky the other evening,  I don’t know why I showed two similar photos. Guess I was tired!  Here is another zoomed-in shot from that evening.  I wish the sky had colorful shows like this every night!

There isn’t a lot on the itinerary for today. That may be a good thing. I think the main event will be trying to keep warm! The temperature is supposed to be about 20 degrees warmer tomorrow than today!  Like I always say…it is the New York weather roller-coaster!