Fairy Dust

This morning when I took the Scotties outside, the world was twinkling as the outdoor lights reflected off the freshly fallen fairy dust! After finishing up with the boys, I went in to get my camera, hoping I would be able to capture the sparkle that was almost magical in appearance!

I didn’t post an entry yesterday, as I was just exhausted! Our weather forecast yesterday was for colder temperatures with some snow.   I had looked at the forecast in the morning, thinking I really needed to do something with our icy driveway.  It was rather treacherous and I was hoping to at least get some rock salt down to take a bit of the “slip” off!

I went out as soon as daybreak made it possible to see.  As I salted, I began to wonder what the temperature was,  as I was getting quite warm.  I looked, and it *was* warm…and getting warmer!  As I worked, I decided I should grab a blunt metal shovel and try to break up some of the (about 2″ thick) ice around the pickup truck.  I worked and finally traded my down-filled jacket for a sweater.  The temperature continued to rise and rise, and the sun was out, complete with brilliant blue skies.

I went back into the house and looked at the weather again.  The live weather said the temperature was much cooler and it was snowing!  Well, since I felt as though I was losing my marbles, I went back out and decided I should make the most of this enigma.

I ended up staying outside for a few hours, working on the driveway and restacking firewood.  I was happy and somewhat surprised that even though this winter has been chillier than normal, we still have about seven cords of firewood left.  That means we have only used about half of the total wood we gathered last autumn.

Here is a photo from yesterday…..

I took this at about 4:30 pm, when the sun was heading over the hill and the temperature had dropped to about freezing. 

The forecast today is calling for really cold temperatures and it is indeed cold! By the weekend, we will be well above freezing again.  As I spoke to our UPS man yesterday, he was longing for warm temperatures once again.  He talked about how cold this winter has been and how it got suddenly cold in November.  As he spoke, all I could remember was all of the pictures I had gathered of brightly-colored trees last fall and somehow, the winter seems like it just arrived…