Follow the Leader…

Oh my…what a day Super Bowl Sunday turned out to be!  The kids invited their friends over to watch the game at 6 pm.  Well, Jeffey wondered if Mark might want to jam some more, so Mark said yes.  Jeffrey and Jacob would come over at 2.

Mark called me yesterday while I was out on my little shopping sprint.  It was 2 o’clock and instead of two guys arriving, there were five! Seems three other kids asked Jeffrey if he might bring them along as well. The last of invited kids arrived a couple hours later and the gang was all here!

Well…not quite! Carly had read on my blog about the party and asked if she and her kids could come as well! Of course, the more the merrier!  Carly and the kids don’t come by too often, as working overnights makes it difficult for her…she has to try to make up for lost sleep whenever possible, and her husband likes to do family things together on the weekends.  Makes for a very busy lifestyle!

So, there were the thirteen of us here yesterday!  But before everyone could watch this…..

I had to deal with the seven “RATS” in the hot tub…..

Thus, the title for today’s post! Bill had shown a picture on his blog and in looking at his post this morning, I was able to correctly identify what I had found in my hot tub!

As the game went on, a few kids were rooting for Pittsbugh, and a few for the underdog Cardinals.  I was totally unable to discern whether that stadium full of fans or my living room was louder!  Carly’s little Erin must have been beside herself. She has some issues regarding “socializing with teenagers”….and these teens were LOUD!

As the game was about to wind down, I went upstairs with a monster headache and dreadful ache in my upper back.  As I rested on the bed, the noise became so intense….even the very composed Jeffrey and Jacob were beginning to whoop and shout!  Of course, the icing on the cake was when *Mark* joined in!! The poor Scotties, who were also up in the bedroom with me, became disconcerted as the noise level reached amazing heights!

The game ended and the comparitive silence (okay….it *seemed* much quieter, anyway) was nearly deafening! Bottom line was Jacob, Jeffrey, and Mark all agreed….the Cardinals were robbed of a victory!

Me? I was just glad when everything was over and I fell into the bed!  Phew…what a day! Tonight’s Sabres game against Anaheim should be much more relaxing……….