Birds and Flowers…

My white Christmas Cactus failed to bloom this year, and I was feeling rather let down by the whole thing.  Then a curious thing happened….the plant filled with buds!  Now, there are about 6 or 8 flowers open, with more to follow. I love this particular plant the best, as the white flowers look so pure and beautiful!

Today was a bit of a hurried day with Mark going to therapy in the early afternoon. I still wanted to try to catch some birds in flight, so I positioned myself to do so for a few minutes this morning.  I could only manage about 10 minutes, but I did get a couple of photos.  This really is a fun exercise, as one must focus on an approximate area of where the birds will land, and then try to click quickly!!!

Before we could go out for Mark’s appointment, Mark needed to plow the mess of snow in the driveway.  The snow was probably about 10 inches deep in most spots, but last night, the winds kicked in and blew the snow all over the place! There were drifts in some areas that must have been a foot and a half deep!

After the therapy session, we went to Victor so the kids could do a little shopping.  Afterwards, we went over to the Home Depot to look at a couple things.  As I hopped out of the truck, I noticed this tree near the truck…..

Did you see it? 

I zoomed in on the tiny little nest in the tree. This is a hummingbird nest! What a lucky find this was. Hummers do usually return to their nest from year to year,  remodeling any problems that might occur over the autumn and winter months. I think the bird must have been attracted by the colorful blooms in the spring and decided this was a good home.

Today was a full day for sure and I am soooo ready to spend the rest of tonight relaxing!

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  1. Looks like you have about the same amount of snow that we have, but at least you have room to put yours. If we get any more of the white stuff, we will have to haul it to the back yard. The front is full and the snow banks so high that we can’t really see to get out of the driveway.

    Love the birdie pictures, especially the second one.

  2. Those are lovely photos – I hope you manage to get to see the hummingbirds when they return home.

    My Christmas cactus (or was it Easter) used to flower every 10 months, so having started as one it ended as the other. It’s still alive, but not in very good nick, and hasn’t flowered at all for the last 3 or 4 years, sadly. In its prime it was gorgeous (deep red flowers).

  3. As usual, your pictures are just stunning! We used to have a Christmas Cactus and I looked forward to it blooming each year. Then, we started keeping the house quite a bit cooler and all the plants died. So, we don’t have any plants anymore. At the cottage, I have many different flowers in the gardens, but it just got to be too much to handle….to try to keep plants in both places.

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