So…Whaddaya Do?

 When the weather outside is *frightful*?  Well, for starters, I looked at the photos coming out of Arkansas and Missouri and was thankful I live in the Great Northeast where we have plows and “technology” to deal with bad weather!  One person commented that in Arkansas, they just have to wait it out until the weather breaks!

I did shovel off a few inches of snow this morning, (about 3 or 4) and then loaded the good woodstove and helped Ben with some schoolwork.  With the forecast calling for many inches of slippery, wet, yucky snow, I was pleased as punch at the thought of remaining inside all day today. On the news, the reports were that the roadways were extremely slippery.  That just confirmed that indoors was *the* place to be today.

My sleep was poor last night.  I listened to the Sabres hockey game against the Edmonton Oilers late last night, and I kept nearly jumping off my seat when the Sabres scored….they won 10-2, and it was just so exciting!  When it was time to go to bed,  I was so wired, I could not sleep! I kept waking up all night..I think between the exciting game and the weather forecast, I was too wound up to calm down!

When the day finally brightened to the point that I could take pictures,  we were getting these gigantic snowflakes falling from the sky!

It is generally so difficult to capture falling snow,  so I think you can appreciate these were BIG snowflakes!

I opened the window to shoot some photos and four birds remained on a branch not too distant from the window.  Brave little birds! And, they totally discredited the expression, “Birds of a feather flock together”.  There is one nuthatch, one titmouse, and two goldfinches all sitting in close proximity, after all!

 I love nuthatches…the way they turn their head as though “looking one over” is so adorable!

The snow continued falling throughout the day, although not accumulating too much.  (Easy for me to say…I have not been out to the driveway to check it!)

One of the most curious events of the day was a little mystery to me. How was it that as it was snowing, the snow that landed on the French doors was in the form of “water”?

Early in the afternoon, I set myself up to try to capture some of the seemingly gadzillions of goldfinches at the feeder on the window.  Just as I was getting comfortable, Michelle came over to me and inquired what I was doing.  When I told her, she asked if she could take some pictures.  Well, I am never one to squelch creativity, so I handed over the Nikon.  I told her I was aiming to capture the birds in flight as it is exceedingly difficult to do with a point-and-shoot camera.  She caught on rather quickly!

Her first shot was of a flock of ground-feeding finches.

I love her “Fly-By Finch”!

But wait! What is more charming than a “Levitating Chickadee”?  This is an illusion, of course! The bird’s wings are perpendicular to the window, making it appear as though it is suspended!!!

The grand finale for Michelle’s shoot is stupendous! I nearly giggled myself silly!  “Landing Gear Operational”!

And the snow continued (still) to fall!  The UPS man called from a business not too far away to ask if we had anything going out today.  Our hill is terrible…the plow hasn’t been around many times, and when it did come, the blowing snow just filled it all in once again.

Late in the afternoon, a foursome of deer wandered down the road.  For all intents and purposes, they looked rather displaced by this latest round of wintry weather.  They usually do not walk on the road!

I am thrilled we didn’t have to go out today.  It really was a good day to be on the inside looking out!