Ah, Some Warmer Temps Headed Our Way?

The weatherman says we have some warmer temperatures headed our way.  Warmer means they will still be freezing, but higher than we have had the past several days.  The bad news is that with the warmer temperatures, we also get *bonus* precipitation!  We are under a”Winter Storm Watch” again, meaning they aren’t sure what we will be getting, nor how much!

For now, the sun is shining and it is just beautiful out!  I love the “diamonds” in the snow!

I have never bought “quilted” toilet paper before, but have seen it on the grocery store shelves. Very interesting, it is.  And when I saw the footprints in the snow, it reminded me very much of that TP!

The above photo makes me think I will be raking up a lot of sunflower seed husks from the lawn this Spring!

As I looked out into the woods, I think it is obvious the little critters are coming from far and wide to visit the feeder!

Since the temperatures have been so frigid the past week or so, I have been filling the feeder twice each day. Trust me, that is a whole lot of sunflower seeds!  I just cannot stand the thought of the little birds not getting enough nourishment….to say nothing of those fat grey squirrels that seem bigger than ever this year!