That is a football term, isn’t it?  Okay, just kidding! 

Before Mark’s dad passed away, Mark and the kids would travel to his apartment every year for the Super Bowl.  My father-in-law played football in his high school days and he had a deep love for the game.  Mark was never as enthusiastic about the game as his father, but he enjoyed spending the day watching the game and viewing the commercials shown during the game.

Mark still watches the big game every year and this year, the kids asked if they could have their friends over. I said yes.

This afternoon I made up another batch of tiny sugar cookies.  As Michelle watched me, she asked if she could “reshape” some of the cookies.  Not sure what she was going to do, I told her yes, then watched as she worked!

Yes, Michelle plans to serve up little football cookies during the game! I think I will never fail to be amazed at this child’s creativity….

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  1. Hey, she could make some pumpernickel rye bread footballs and serve sandwiches that day as well! I’ve had to make those at a couple of the stores I worked at.

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