Early to Rise….and a Hillbilly Vehicle!

Mark has now been to physical therapy a total of three times.  While I have always been one who loves to rise before the chickens,  Mark is a bit more of a sleepyhead.  Thus, he made all of his appointments for the afternoon.  However, today, he had to take an early morning appointment.  He was a bit nervous, as he had to be there at 7:30.   That meant we had to leave at 7:00, so I (of course!)  was up at 4:00 to make sure we got there on time…

As we got close to Canandaigua, I nearly screamed for Mark to stop! The sun was rising in the sky….but we were late.  So, I snapped a quick photo at the stop light….

The sun was growing larger and larger by leaps and bounds, and although I longed to stay outside and take photos, Mark asked me to come into his appointment with him so I could observe the therapy.  I agreed to come with him, but my poor heart….to say nothing of my trigger finger.

After Mark’s (rigorous!) therapy, we decided to do some shopping for a few things we needed.  When we finished, the kids asked to stop at a plaza to look in a store.  Mark pulled over and we waited while  they went into the store.  When they were done, we were just pulling out when look who pulled into the parking lot!

I had never seen this car before, and I told Mark it was mandatory that I get a picture! After all, how often does one run into a self-professed, genuine hillbilly vehicle?  The sides were so rusted, I wondered how the thing even passes inspection! Even the license plate is tattered and torn!

So, now I am making yet more notes to myself.  I knew Canandaigua had beautiful sunsets, as I have featured them here from time to time.  But now, I must get out and see the sunrises! Oh, and hillbilly cars!

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  1. Ah yes, Chris! If you blow up the photo, you can actually see the “hillbilly” sitting inside, talking on his cell! Yes, I blacked out the plate….Michelle said on the back of the vehicle were the words “White Trash”! Shoot…wish she would have told me before we left! hahaha

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