Watch the Birdie!

This morning, I filled the bird feeder and sat down for a few minutes to watch the activity.  I soon realized I was not the *only* one watching!

My poor family looks on with such distaste at my decorating, or lack thereof.  You see, I keep the bird seeds in a five gallon bucket.  What could be more convenient than keeping the bucket below the window where the feeder is located?  Oh, and….I keep a geranium I saved from the past summer on top of the bucket.  Come on…it is in the window, loving the light and it (kinda) detracts from the (ugly) bucket.

This morning, Michelle discovered a NEW topper for the bucket! (look at the FIT!)

Of course, Angus discovered that if he turned around, he could look right out the window!

To be totally honest, Angus could care less about the birdies! Yes, he is more interested in the SQUIRRELS out there.  This next photo had me laughing so much….look at the NERVE of that bird!!! It looks like it is looking Angus in the eye and challenging him!

But this photo proves Angus isn’t really interested in the birds.  It’s all about those squirrels on the ground below!

And below…Murphy’s take on the whole thing!

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  1. Jackie, Mark has now decided he should put some type of fabric on the lid of the bucket and sell them as “Pet-a-stools”!

    Abigail, glad to have made you smile!

  2. Jeanne, aren’t dogs funny? They really DO resemble their owners at times, I am convinced!!!

    Yes, Bill…we will probably hav snow a couple more months at least. Then, it will disappear.

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