A Taste of Yesterday’s Music!

The guys played on and on even as the sun set in the west….

Once again, a terrible photo, but I wanted to share the beautiful music they were playing “as they went along”.  It was so nice!

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Let There be Music!

Today was a rather busy day.

Mark loves to just play the guitar, but sometimes gets discouraged playing all alone.  After all, it is more fun jammin’ with someone else. 

The last time the kids had their friends over,  one of the guys mentioned that Jeffrey played the guitar really well.  My ears perked up and I asked if he might want to come over and jam sometime.  Jeffrey, being a young man of action, called Mark and asked if he could come over!  Mark was so happy!

Jeffrey came  with his friend, Jacob, shortly after noon.  I asked Michelle if they were coming for lunch and she was somewhat vague, so I thought about something I could make quickly.  I decided to make up some Chinese.  It was quite a hit, and Mark and Jeffrey set up at about 2:00. (The photo above is so awful…I had the camera on the wrong setting….oops! )

They played on and on until almost 5:45!  Michelle and Ben had Bible study in Canandaigua at 6:30 this evening, so we had to fly out of the house shortly after Jeffrey and Jacob left. 

While the kids were at Bible study, I drove over to a craft store that opened this past summer.  I never seem to have time to look around stores, so I decided I would do so this evening.  As I looked at the time while leaving the store, I was shocked that I had been there nearly an hour and a half! I had to pick up the kids at 8:30, so I didn’t need to while away much more time!

It seems like the day passed by so rapidly, but it certainly was a very satisfying day, indeed!