The Magical Panasonic Camera…

Hmm…I removed the Panasonic camera card and inserted it into the card reader on my computer, and lookie what came up!

Well, okay, so I knew they were there, but….I didn’t take ’em!

Ben started yelling this afternoon while Mark and I were busy.  He kept shouting there were deer in the yard! That isn’t *all* that unusual, except I haven’t seen much of them since hunting season.  Seems they soon figure out the danger of being tracked and avoid human contact as much as possible!

Ben got my little Panasonic camera and started photographing the deer so I could see them later!

Deer can be such a pain in the garden or even carrying the dreadful Lyme Disease but they are so beautiful.

Big kudos to Ben. He got some nice photos! His birthday is coming up in less than a month….perhaps we had better start looking for a camera for the lad!