Just Ducky!

Today was a strange day with what seemed like endless dry fluffy snowfall.  Even though the snow came in like gangbusters, it never really amounted to much and it felt weightless!

I needed to go to the grocery store early in the afternoon and Michelle accompanied me.  As we drove along the scenic lake road,  I spotted what seemed like zillions of ducks!  I told Michelle to hurry and take some photos before they all flew away.  After we stopped alongside the road, they got a bit nervous and some took off.

Michelle said there seemed to be lots and lots of drakes.

There is little open water on the northern end of the lake, so anywhere there is an opening, there seems to be an endless supply of ducks and geese!

We went grocery shopping, then we had to make a quick run to WalMart for something.  After there, I hopped over to Lowe’s for a minute.  I couldn’t help but snap a shot of color for those winter weary souls!

We had a “Buttery-Garlic” chicken  from WalMart for dinner ( it was a roasted one that everyone loved!), along with some coleslaw I whipped up when I got home.  I picked up some strawberries while shopping….they were from Florida.  Our neighbors are in Florida now, and when I last spoke to them, they had been out picking strawberries.  That sounded so good, and when I saw them, they were too much to resist.  I made shortcake, and when I realized I had no heavy cream to whip up,  I found a box of Dr Oetker’s French Vanilla Mousse.  After partaking of this dessert, everyone said it was delicious!  I would have never thought of anything like this if I hadn’t been out of heavy cream.

Tomorrow afternoon,  Mark will go to PT at the hospital for a inital evaluation.  He is looking forward to this and is hopeful the therapy will get him back into shape so he feels confidant walking again.

Okay, Now, Mind Your Manners…

I probably shouldn’t admit this for the whole cyberworld to see, but hey, I consider myself an honest person.  My only regret is that I didn’t think to take a picture….

The contact lenses that I wear are to be changed out once a month.  I generally do this every 5th of the month,  because my lenses were purchased on the fifth of the month. (I bought a one year supply at that time.)

When January 5th rolled around, I did change the lenses out.  Only about two days later,  I lost the left lens. I looked everywhere for it to no avail.  Ah well…I got out a fresh lens and inserted it, thinking things like this happen from time to time.  Do remember that I am far-sighted, meaning my up-close vision is just rotten!  It is some work getting those lenses into my baby blues!

Yesterday,  I was watering my Christmas Cactus….the white one….when I noticed how many buds were on it.  I was thrilled, as the thing produced nary a flower for Christmas.  Disappointing, indeed.  But wait! As I looked down into the plant, there lie my missing lens, shriveled up like a dehyrated bit of fruit!

Okay…don’t laugh too robustly, lest a greater malady befalls YOU!