Seeing Red

Well, it is nearly 11:45 pm and I only now realized I had not made an entry in the blog!  It is okay, the Sabres won another game tonight!  Yeah, I was busy watching the game on the tube. So, when I removed the card from the Nikon a bit ago, I realized I could use a little theme tonight!  And so it is “red”.

We will begin with Ben’s guitar.  What is *worse* than an electric guitar in the house?  You guessed it! TWO electric guitars!  Last summer, Mark and Ben went into the Guitar Center to “check things out”.  After what seemed like an endless wait for the two,  they came out carrying a gig bag.  When interrogated about what exactly was in the bag, I found out when we got home that Ben and Mark found the deal of the century on a used guitar for Ben!  Funny thing….I had never really looked it over before today, though.

When I was in high school, I went on a rampage sewing. I could be found sitting behind the sewing machine most all the time.  I loved creating new clothes! I loved cutting the fabric and sewing it together. I loved sewing in zippers and I especially loved digging through my mother’s huge button collection.  I remember holding buttons in my hands and formulating my next project around a certain button or buttons that caught my attention.

As I sat on the couch in the living room this afternoon,  my eyes fell on Ben’s guitar.  I picked it up and began looking at it.  Oh wow!!! It has these fabulous knobs on it that are smooth-as-glass…they are clear on top with numbers for dialing in underneath.  Ah, if only these were buttons instead of knobs…..

I was almost convinced I needed to learn to play the guitar as I rubbed my fingers over and over the smooth little knobs…tactile heaven!

As an aside, I did play with the guitar for a bit.  I figured out how to play “Taps”, totally impressing Mark. 

On to another “red” subject! How about my sweet little raspberry-colored Purple Finch.  I caught him a couple of days ago, looking as though he was playing “peek-a-boo” with the camera!

And one last photo.  And it has nothing to do with red.  It was a gloomy day all day today.  Just before it would be time for sunset, the sun came streaming in through the windows! Hmmm….well, better late than not at all, right?