Shakin’ in My Boots!

Why, you ask?

Well, #1.  The weather. It is soooo cold, even I am beginning to feel it!  But, I still maintain I can handle this blast of Arctic air better than the heat of summer!

#2.  Yesterday, Mark and I took my Explorer in once again for some mechanical work.  The ABS light kept on and the anti-lock brakes just were not working at all! Not a good thing for driving in ice and snow.  So, I didn’t! (drive, that is!)  I have been driving the pickup everywhere, until yesterday when I drove it to the garage! The damages were less than $300.  AND, the brakes are working much better and the anti-locks were fabulous when I slammed them on in a slippery parking lot. Hurrah!!!

#3.  This one was a major shocker! The contractor called yesterday, telling Mark he wanted to stop by today with an estimate for a permanent ramp.  He went over the design details, presented Mark with all sorts of paperwork, then  gave us the estimate.  It was about $4500.  THUNK!  Yeah, that seems a tad *high* to me, too! Mark figured it to be a mere $70 a square foot! Hello?  The temporary ramp the kids and Mark built was a total of $160.   Mark is now thinking perhaps his family can indeed pull of a new ramp!

#4. When we went out this afternoon, I had to fill the empty gas tank on the pickup. Brrr! Mark stopped at the Hess station at the north end of the lake….the one where one gets pelted by strong wind while waiting for the tank to fill.  Then, to add a bit of insult to injury, when I picked up the Explorer, it also needed a fill up. Joy of joys.  Did I mention it is COLD out?

#5. I am afraid of the rotten tomatoes that shall be thrown, as I have no photos for today!  Yes, I was so preoccupied with life, I didn’t take any photos!